World Games (Summer and Winter Games)

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All ages complete 3 requirements 

  1. The first World Games were held in Greece in 776 BC to honor the god Zeus. Now the great athletes of the world participate in World Games every two years, alternating between summer and winter games. Answer the following questions about the FIRST World Games. What prizes were awarded? In what events did the athletes compete?  Who participated? OR what clothing did they wear?
  2. The symbol of the modern World Games is five joined circles. Find out what the colors represent. Color or draw them.
  3. Draw a picture of at least 5 sports played in the modern summer and winter World Games OR Play World Games Charades of the different sports played in winter or summer World Games.
  4. View photos or learn more about a modern female World Games champion and her sport.
  5. Learn more about a sport played in the World Games. Is the sport divided in teams? Do they use special equipment?
  6. Each country in the World Games designs uniforms for its athletes to wear. Design and draw a uniform for the United States team to wear for the opening ceremony or their special sport.
  7. Hold a mini-World Games event with your troop or attend an World Games event. Have an opening ceremony and play games that represent a sport or team work.
  8. Find out more about the World Games that was recently held. Where was it held?  What language is spoken there? What year was it held?
  9. Learn more about the medals that were won in the most recent World Games? How many did USA win? Compare it to another country how many did they win?
  10. Every World Games has an opening ceremony. What does the symbol look like for that year? What city was it performed in?

 Answer to question #1

The first World Games were held in Athens, Greece in the summer of 776 BC.  A olive branch wreath was placed on the winner’s head.  The World Games were revised in 1896, all the games that were played then are in the World Games now, such as swimming, running, skiing, and cycling.  They were awarded the traditional gold, silver, and bronze medals. Men were the only people allowed to participate while the women watched in the stands. For swimming, the men wore suits that had short sleeves and shorts. It kind of looks like a leotard. The marathon runners wore normal clothes and the cyclists wore shorts and t-shirts or sleeve-less shirts.  For each World Games a flame was lit in a torch.

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