Art to Wear (Brownie Try-it)

Art to Wear (Brownie Try-it)

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Art to Wear (Complete 4 Requirements)

1.  T-Shirt Art Turn a plain T-shirt or sweatshirt into your own work of art.
You will need:
• A plain T-shirt or sweatshirt.
• Pencil.
• Cardboard.
• Clothespins or large paper clips.
• Fabric paint.
1. Place the cardboard inside the T-shirt or sweatshirt. Clip it in place with the
clothespins or paper clips. This will make it easier to draw or paint your design.
2. Use your pencil to sketch a picture on the T-shirt or sweatshirt .  
3. Use the fabric paint to add color to your drawing. You can simply paint over the outline or color it in. If you prefer, you can create a design instead of a picture. For example, you can use lines and shapes in different colors to make an interesting  pattern.

2.  Decorate your clothes. With heavy thread, sew small, colorful beads or buttons on the edges of your socks or around the neck of a T-shirt or sweatshirt. Use fabric paints to design your shoelaces with polka dots and stripes. You can decorate dolls' clothes or make a special collar for a pet.

3. Have a face-painting party. Make certain an adult is present. Be sure to use makeup and paints that are made just for the face. You can find these in toy or crafts stores. Or you can make your very own face paint right in your kitchen!
To make face paint, you will need:
• White shortening (or cold cream).
• Cornstarch ( or baby powder).
• Food coloring.
• Spoons.
• Small bowls.
• Cotton swabs to apply face paint.
1. Mix the shortening and cornstarch together until they are creamy. Put some in each of the bowls.  2. Add food coloring to each of the bowls. Experiment with the colors.  3. Start painting each other's faces. Try different patterns, designs, and colors. Create animals, clowns, scary creatures, or  any other figures your imagination can come up with.
4. Clean up when you are done. Use plenty of water on your face and don't rub hard
with towels. If possible, invite a makeup artist to your troop to demonstrate different kinds of face painting.

4.  Papier-mache is made from paper and glue. It's lots of fun to make and shape! Use the instructions that follow to make a papier mache bracelet.
You will need:
• A cardboard tube that fits loosely over your wrist.
• Scrap paper cut or torn into strips.
• Colored tissue paper, also cut or torn into strips.
• Scissors.
• A paste made of flour and water or liquid starch. (You can buy liquid starch in many
crafts stores.)
• A shallow pan that can be thrown away.
1. Cut the cardboard tube to the width you want for your bracelet.
2. Tear or cut the scrap paper and the tissue paper into strips.
3. Make a paste in the pan by mixing flour and water. Use a cup of flour with 1 cup of
water. Or, instead of flour and water, you can pour liquid starch into the pan and use
it for paste.
 4. Dip the scrap paper strips into your paste, and pull them out one at a time. Layer the strips. Use your fingers to mold and shape the strips. Don't worry about bumps. 5.  For the last layers, use strips of colored tissue paper. Create patterns or a solid
surface. Place the bracelet in a warm, dry place. The thicker your bracelet is, the
longer it will take to dry. Liquid starch may take longer to dry than a paste made
from flour and water.

5. Mask Making  Many people around the world make masks for ceremonies, holidays, or dramatic events.  Some masks are used to tell stories. Choose a holiday or special event and make a mask to celebrate it.

6.  Knots Use string, ribbon, rope, or cord to tie knots to make bracelets, necklaces, belts, and other things. This craft is called macrame. Look at the pictures for directions on how to make different kinds of knots. Using color can make your project more exciting.


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