Brownie Girl Scouts Around the World (Brownie Try-it)

Brownie Girl Scouts Around the World (Brownie Try-it)

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Around The World (Complete 4 Requirements)

1. Girls your age are called Brownie Girl Scouts in the U.S. But what are they called in other countries? Match each term with the correct country. How do you know if you have the countries in the right order? When you circle the first letter of each country, you'll spell out Scouting

Sweden – Minor Guides
Chile – Little Wings 
Oman – Zahra's 
United Kingdom – Brownie Guides
Thailand – Bluebirds 
Italy – Wolf Cubs 
Norway – Brownies 
Ghana – Ananse Guides

2. Where in the World? Choose 3 countries from the list above and find out two facts about each of them.

3. Around the World: Learn a song, dance, game, story or make a craft from another country. Share what you learned with your Girl Scout troop or group, or with your family.

4.   Create A Picture Book: Create a picture book of activities that your troop or group likes to do. Draw pictures or use photos to illustrate the activities. Show your book to others.

5. Global Games: Pick one of the games below and try it out with girls, family, or friends. 

Music Mystery (Canada)
1. Divide the group into two teams; Team #1 is the band. Team #2 is the audience.
Team #1 picks a song and beats out the rhythm of the song using pot lids, bells or
other items.
2. Team #2 tries to guess the song and then sings along. 
3. The teams switch roles. Team #2 becomes the band.

Jump Rope (China)
1. Create an elastic band of about 12 to 15  feet. You can buy this type of jump rope in toy stores.
2. Two girls place their feet on the inside of the band, standing far enough apart that
the jump rope is tight.
3. A third girl is the jumper. She can jumpover one rope and back over the same one.
Or she can jump over one rope and then over the next rope.

The Ocean is Stormy - A Danish Game

1. Use chalk or string to mark circles on the floor or ground. 
2. Get into pairs. Each pair, except for one, should stand in a circle and choose the name of a fish. The names of some fishes are: Sea Bass, Trout, Perch, Catfish, Herring, Salmon, Pike, flounder, Porgie, Sun Fish, Sturgeon, Bluefish, and Blackfish. 3. The 2 girls who have not chosen fish names are the whales. They walk around the outside of the circles and call out names of fish.

4. When a pair's fish name is called, they leave the circle and walk behind the whales. 
5. After all the fish names are called, or after the whales call all the names they can think of, the whales shout "The ocean is stormy!" 
6. Then everybody rushes to find a circle. Any two girls can get in a circle. 
7. The 2 girls left without a circle become the whales for the next game. 

Rabbit w/o a house (Brazil) Need 11 people 
1. Pick someone to be "it" (the rabbit w/o a house) and someone to be the caller.

2. Divide the others into groups of 3.

3. Each group makes a rabbit in a house by two girls holding hands (the house) and one (the rabbit) standing inside.

4. The caller yells "Find a house" and all the rabbits, including the one without a house, have to run to find another house

5. The rabbit left without a house become 

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