Cake Decorating (Decorating and Baking)-original

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Complete 3 Requirements (BR, JR) (* include #1) or 4 Requirements (CA) (*include #1) to earn this badge 

You can purchase cake decorating bags below.

When you completing this patch please remember to use good hygiene.  Practice hand washing and pulling hair back.

Cake Decorating * include #1

*1. Gather all the supplies you will need for cake decorating. Start with learning how to use the kitchen appliances safely for baking.  Place all the items you will need in one area before you begin decorating. 

2.  Bake cupcakes or a cake to decorate. You can use a premade mix or a recipe.

3. Practice filling a pastry bag or use frosting in a tube with tips. Practice piping. Try out two different tips on wax paper or on a baked item. You may wish to use two separate pastry bags for the different tips.  Examples of some tips are: 

  • Star tip – stars, star border, star fill-in, curving line, zigzag border, and shell border
  • Leaf tip – leaves, flat ruffle, stand-up ruffle
  • Rose tip – make a rose on a flower nail
  • Round tip – printing and writing 

4. Learn how to ice a cupcake with a butter knife. Now try to add designs on top with a decorative tip. You can also add sprinkles or other decorative items.

5. Use food coloring and create at least two different colors of frosting in separate small bowls. Place the icing colors in a piping bag with a tip and decorate a cupcake or cake with two different colors and designs.  Add sprinkles or candies to enhance your design. (tip type can be the same)

6. You can advance your skills in cake decorating by learning more skills.  Try one of the following techniques: Royal Icing flowers, cover a cake with rolled fondant, make fondant decorations, figure piping, paint a cake, frost the cake with a flat spatula and add decorative piping to create designs to cover the cake or cupcake.

7.  Learn about different cake traditions from around the world. Find one recipe that is cooked in another country. Bake it and share it with others.

8. Learn how to make a tier cake. Make a cake that has at least two tiers. Frost between the layers, top and sides.  Add your own creative decorations. Share it with others.

9.  Share your skills with others and create or frost cupcakes for a celebration or assist younger children in creating the cupcakes.  You can frost the cupcakes with a knife, decorating bag, or spatula.

10.  Create a cupcake or cake in honor of scouts or for a ceremony. Try a new recipe or decoration to place on your cake or cupcakes. Examples include:  Girl Scout green cupcakes, daisy or symbol designs, cookies on cupcakes, or patches on toothpicks attached to the top.  

11. Visit a bakery, caterer or talk to a chef and see what it takes to have a career in the cake decorating, culinary, or artistic sweet creations OR research what schools or activities you need to complete to have a career in one of these fields.

12.  Donate a decorated cake, cupcakes or cookies to a nursing home or other organization. Make sure to check dietary restrictions.


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