FREE Easter Basket Challenge Peeps Parade Activity Sheets

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Follow the episode of the Easter Basket Challenge and complete the following fun tasks on paper for this exciting competition. Use your imagination and Peeps knowledge to complete the worksheets!

Hanging with My Peeps 2021

Hanging with my Peeps 2022
  1. Choose your flavor and Peeps combination to create your own whoopie pie flavor that incorporates Peeps and the mystery flavor with them. This is a drawing activity--you can take it one step further and make some of your own.
    Up the challenge by drawing a random card of the flavor and color peeps you will use by using the cards in the activity sheets.
  2. Create and draw your own Peeps parade float with a "Hanging with My Peeps" float theme. The base is already drawn for you and an example is included! This can easily tie in with STEAM.
  3. Test your knowledge of Peeps trivia! Answer 8 multiple choice questions and see how much you know.
  4. Use the free clip art for your party or to make some fun crafts or invites.
  5. Purchase your patch, kit, or Peeps lip balm after completing your fun activities!

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