Island Getaway (Animal Crossing inspired)

  • $1.99

Kit for 1 includes:

    • (1) Island Getaway PATCH
    • (1) Insect mini eraser 
    • (1) Animal OR insect pencil

    • (1) Animal themed coin token
    • (1) Animal mystery sticker to match the theme

    • (2) Activity Sheets ( Design your own community worksheet and a word search)

Island Getaway Patch Program  
Complete one requirement

1.   Habitat- You’ll need to name your town. Once you’ve picked a name, decide on the climate. Will your dream town be a tropical island, a mountain-side forest, or a lush jungle? You can choose what your seasons will be, and what hemisphere you’ll be located in.

2. Design Your Own Clothes-There’s no dress code in your town! Design some souvenir garb with your town’s name on it, a special costume, or your dream outfit. Sketch it out on paper. What colors did you use.

3.   Wildlife- Based off of what climate you chose, not only will your town will have different types of bugs, fish, and critters. Learn about what type of animals and plants exist in your town’s climate. Are any unique to that area, or are endangered? 

4.   Green Space-“Green Space” is an important part of every town.  you can learn about different plant types, seeds, and pollination. Visit a garden or explore garden design and try to create your own garden or grow flowers.

5.   Culture- What’s a town without some culture, art, and music? Do you play a musical instrument, collect special items, create art or have another unique skill? Show off some of your skills, OR have a show-and-tell with friends OR host a mini talent show with neighbors.

 6.   Layout & Architecture-There is a saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Good cities require a lot of planning and creative use of the space. Plan out what your house or a room would look like in your town. You can use the activity sheet in the kit to design your town and home OR learn about how buildings are made, including sourcing of materials and what types of jobs are involved.

7.   Build Something!-Roll up those sleeves and make something using your “do-it-yourself” power, or DIY. Collect or harvest something for a DIY project.

8.   Business-Making your dream town isn’t free. Learn about some of the costs that go into building and maintaining houses and gardens. How much will it cost for items you may need or want? Choose one item you would like in your town or house, how long will it take to be able to achieve this goal?

9.   Keep it Clean-No one wants to spend time in a dirty town. Make sure your imaginary and your real-life towns are both sparkling clean. Learn about recycling and littering to prevent trash before it ends up in your town OR pluck weeds to make your garden and plants bloom.

10.   Be a good Neighbor- Make your town the best place to be. Talk to your neighbors with respect and good manners. Donate time by volunteering at a local shelter, school, library, or other facility OR you can also write cards or postcards to your neighbors, veterans, or the elderly for community spirit

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