"Butterflies" and "Flowers" Badges and Badge Kits

  • $6.99

Limited Edition Wellie WIsher Garden Kit: (ONLY 44 available)

Items included:

  • Flower Triangle (troops/council own) 
  • Butterfly Triangle (troops/council own) 
  • Construct your own small garden house out of cardstock
  • Paperdoll girls (on cardstock)
  • Double sided (4X6) Color informational Butterfly card
  • Double sided (4X6) Color informational Flower card
  • Design your own wellie (rain boot)
  • Activity booklet with puzzles, coloring sheets, songs and more.
  • Colorful cardstock headband to design with flower stickers
  • Activity sheets to earn badges

Flowers/Butterfly Kits

BOTH BADGES ARE IN THIS KIT the Flowers and Butterflies + butterfly patch (Patch value $6) Kit Cost $9.99 (individual patches can be purchased below at $2.00 each without a kit) 

Included in the kit:   Choose between triangle, circle or rectangle when you add the item to your cart.

  • Flower Triangle,circle OR rectangle council own (limited edition)
  • Butterfly Triangle circle OR rectangle council own (limited edition)
  • Butterfly Project patch
  • Flower themed Game cards (on cardstock)
  • Double sided (4X6) Color informational Butterfly card
  • Double sided (4X6) Color informational Flower card
  • Pencil
  • Butterfly and flower SWAP (craft)
  • 12X12 paper and instructions on creating a paper origami box (designs will vary)
  • flower parts (label worksheet)
  • butterfly parts (label worksheet)
  • Word search
  • Information on Pollination and Butterfly cycle
  • Flower collage coloring page/information on tropical flowers
  • Flower Card covers:  Images of birth month flowers, flower families, edible flowers, unique flower facts,  annual and perennial flowers
  • Butterfly Card covers:  Images of butterflies, monarch butterfly migration, find the differences in butterflies, unique butterfly facts, camouflage and endangered butterflies

 Some activities for older girls will be more detailed than those for younger girls.  Including coloring sheets and activity sheets

Video: Paper Box Craft How-To


"FLOWERS" (TROOPS OWN) BADGE ($2 for patch each)

Butterflies  Requirements

(1st to 3rd grade) 3 requirements
(4th-6th grade)4 requirements
Older participants 5 requirements

ACTIVITY #1: Butterfly Garden

Design, plant and maintain a Butterfly Garden to attract butterflies. You could ask to plant it at school, at church, at a nursing home or even for your community.  Some schools have this as annual project already. 

ACTIVITY #2: Color and Label a Butterfly

ACTIVITY #3: Monarch Migration

Every year millions of Monarch butterflies fly up to 2200 miles to their wintering grounds in Mexico . Environmental problems throughout the Monarch’s vast range have turned this wondrous passage into an endangered biological phenomenon. Find out about the migration of the Monarch!  View photos or pictures of the migration.

You will find many other web sites as well as books and field guides about the event at the library or school.

ACTIVITY #4: Life Cycle Study

Find out about the life cycle of the butterfly.

ACTIVITY #5: Colorful Butterfly Wings

Review two or more butterflies’ colorful wings in books, internet, or in a museum. How are they different and how are they the same?

ACTIVITY #6: Create a craft about butterflies

ACTIVITY #7: Learn about butterflies that camouflage themselves away their enemies.

ACTIVITY #8: Learn about the people that have careers working with butterflies

Examples are a Lepidopterist or a Naturalist.

ACTIVITY #9: Endangered!

Find one butterfly that is endangered and why?  What does it look like?

ACTIVITY #10: Learn More

Learn more about butterflies by reading a short story, legend, watching a movie/video or going to an event.

ACTIVITY #11: Write a Poem or Tell a Story

Junior girls should write a poem or a story, factual or “make-believe”, about butterflies. Brownies can tell a story, draw it, or write it, according to their wishes.

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