"Flowers" (troops own) Badge and Badge Kit

  • $2.00

BOTH BADGES ARE IN THIS KIT the Flowers and Butterflies + a patch.  (Patch value $6) Kit Cost $9.99  (individual patches can be purchased below at $2.00 each without a kit) 

Included in the kit:   Choose between triangle, circle or rectangle when you add the item to your cart.

  • Flower Triangle,circle OR rectangle council own (limited edition)
  • Butterfly Triangle circle OR rectangle council own (limited edition)
  • Butterfly Project patch
  • Flower themed Game cards (on cardstock)
  • Double sided (4X6) Color informational Butterfly card
  • Double sided (4X6) Color informational Flower card
  • Pencil
  • Butterfly and flower SWAP (craft)
  • 12X12 paper and instructions on creating a paper origami box (designs will vary)
  • flower parts (label worksheet)
  • butterfly parts (label worksheet)
  • Word searches
  • Information on Pollination and Butterfly cycle
  • Flower collage coloring page/information on tropical flowers
  • Flower Card covers:  Images of birth month flowers, flower families, edible flowers, unique flower facts,  annual and perennial flowers
  • Butterfly Card covers:  Images of butterflies, monarch butterfly migration, find the differences in butterflies, unique butterfly facts, camouflage and endangered butterflies

 Some activities for older girls will be more detailed than those for younger girls.  Including coloring sheets and activity sheets

Video: Paper Box Craft How-To


"Butterflies" Badges and Badge Kits

 REQUIREMENTS (bold items covered in kit) 

Brownies complete 3 Juniors complete 4 older girls 5

1 Learn about your state or birth month flower. What does it look like and what color is it?
2. Choose a tropical flower and find out where they are grown and the color. Do they go there all year long?  Examples of tropical flowers are:  Bird of Paradise, hibiscus, plumeria, and orchids.
3. Learn at least three parts of a flower. Color or label the parts.
4. View different types of flowers outside or in a book.
5. Read a book, short story OR play a game that focuses on flowers.
6. Go on a nature hunt or research at least two different flowers that are different colors. Identify their names and where they grow.
7. Visit a garden, flower festival, or place that has a large variety of flowers to observe OR watch a show that uses flowers, has floats, or displays of flowers.  Did you know it takes hundreds and sometimes thousands of flowers to make a beautiful display?
8. Plant a flower from a seed. Water it and help it grow.
9. Create a craft that resembles flowers.  You can use paper crafts, fake, or real flowers.
10. Some insects use flowers to pollinate. Find out more about pollination.
11. Draw or photograph some flowers. Share them with others.
12. Learn about gardening flowers. How to water them, weed them and take care of them.
13.  Find out about flowers that are edible. What are some of the things they can be used for? Never eat a flower before you make sure it is edible and clear from pesticides.  
14. What is the difference between annual and perennial flowers? View photos on line or in books of one of each type.
15.  Some flowers have meanings.  Choose two flowers to learn the meanings.  Example:  Pink rose represents joy and happiness and yellow roses represent friendship.
16. Create your own requirement.

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