Wizarding Herbology Kit

  • $5.99

Kit for 1 Includes:

  • Wizarding World Herbology patch (laser cut)
  • 16 Herbology and Flower cards to color
  • Herbologist ID full color card (for completion of program)
  • English breakfast tea bag (add butterscotch chips for butterbeer tea)
  • Herbology booklet (cover in colored paper)
  • Plant two flowers with seeds Paper shapes infused with seeds(shapes vary)
  • Use your herbology booklet to identify your flowers you planted
  • Try some of the potions in the herbology booklet
  • Learn about ingredients in potions (some you may have in your home)
  • Slide your herbology cards in the back of Monster book (different cover on back of monster book) Monster book available as an add-on

Add flower scouts own patches for $2 each.

Choose 1 requirement to earn from the below patch program:

1. Plants: Learn about plants that are edible by visiting the grocery store and create a "potion". Make a spell and reason for the potion. For example: Zigger Zat- One sip helps cure a stomach ailment. You don't have to try the potion just experiment with different items. NEVER USE ITEMS THAT ARE NOT EDIBLE, JUST IN CASE.

2. Flowers: View different types of flowers in a book, go on a nature hunt, visit a garden or area that has a large variety of flowers, or research at least two different flowers that are different colors. For extra, you can find out about exotic flowers that are unique shapes and colors.

3. Grow: Plant a flower from a seed, grow herbs, OR a plant. Water it and help it grow.

4. Herbs: Create something savory using fresh herbs from the store or you grew. Examples: Add rosemary to fried red potatoes, sage to stuffing, oregano to marnina sauce, etc.

5. Create: Create a craft that resembles flowers, uses fake, or real flowers OR decorate a flower pot, make herb signs, or draw/create a picture about flowers/plants.

6. Food: Create or enjoy food representing flowers, plants, or pretend potions OR create your own botany shop. Examples include: cupcakes with flowers on top, green tinted chocolate molded into leaves, green potion punch, green leafy salad with a dressing served in a potion labeled bottle, pizza with mushroom and spinach, artichoke and spinach dip with dried leaves [curved chips] for dipping.

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