Cookie Expert patch with charms

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FREE KIT TO ASSIST IN EARNING CHARMS IS RECEIVED WHEN ITEM IS PURCHASED (please check your email for the link to download)

Patch details: (3 inch wide patch 100% embroidered with sewn on loops and 6 charms)
*Cookie Expert PATCH AND CHARMS (patch has loops)
Being a cookie expert will help you grow your business, reach your goals, and learn how to market a product. Always be accompanied by and adult when selling cookies

Complete one requirement per CHARM to earn the charms.

1. Participate in a cookie booth sale.
2. Help create posters for a booth sale.
3. Go on a walkabout or door to door selling cookies.
4. Sell cookies with parents or leader at an event, work place, special booth, or business.
5. Help at a drive thru sale booth or pre-order sale.

1. Sell cookies to family, friends, and neighbors.
2. Set a goal to the number of boxes to sell. What will you use with your earnings?
3. Learn about the 1st cookie sold. What was it and do you still sell it?
4. Learn more about the cookies you are selling. Be ready to answer any questions about gluten free, sugar free, vegan, or which ones have nuts or peanut butter.
5. Find a new place to sell cookies that you haven't sold before. Examples: Sports games, county fair, schools, malls, office buildings, and more. Contact the person that assist you in selling cookies there.

HEART AND COOKIE CHARM CHOOSE 1 (giving from the heart)
1. Donate cookies to a community worker, military, hospital, or any place that would enjoy the cookies.
2. Choose an organization to donate your cookies to. When you are selling cookies let your customers know about your donation. They may wish to purchase a box to donate.
3. Give cookies you purchased to your grandparents or someone special. Make them a goody bag or basket and add in your cookies for them to enjoy.
4. Help another group learn about selling cookies or volunteer at a cookie rally.
5. Contact your local food pantry or homeless shelter and ask them if you can donate your leftover cookies you didn't sell OR make a treat with your cookies and donate them.

1. Learn how to make change with customers, accept payment, or assist in the exchange of funds for cookies. Be ready to explain why some cookies may cost more than others.
2. Learn more about what you are selling. When a customer asks for a certain cookie know how to direct them to the correct flavor, market the cookies by having a nice display, have bags ready to fill up with their purchase, and up sale them to other cookies. Example: If you like peanut butter we also have these other cookies you might want to try and this is our new cookie this year. I can can place them in the bag for you while you shop.
3. Design a sign or display with the cookies and names on it. Don't forget pricing and the form of payments you accept. Customers are more eager to purchase when it easier for them to make decisions and pay. For extra, wear cookie costumes to pull people into your booth.
4. Let your customers know about your goal and what your plans are to do with the money earned. Thank your customers for their purchase and helping you towards their goal. Thank people even if they decide not to purchase. Example: Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.
5. Have a cookie party or attend a rally for extra help about the new cookies and products. Learn about setting goals, marketing, how much money you make off of each box, and how to talk to customers and sell your cookies.

1. Learn how to safely sell cookies on the computer. How to market to them and let them know they can buy cookies from you online.
2. Email your customers from last year, family, and neighbors that it is cookie season and how they can purchase cookies from you. Ask adult with assistance with this.
3. Develop your own personal site online to sell your cookies. List your goal and how they can donate cookies to others. Help your business grow by reaching out to your previous customers or have an adult assist you in starting your new business of selling cookies by sharing your link/site.
4. Create a paragraph about yourself and how purchasing cookies can help your troop or others. After a parent reviews the information, have them help you post it online to your digital site, via email, message, or text it to friends and family for possible sales.
5. Years ago it was not possible to sell cookies online. Today you can create your own site to sell. Has selling cookies online helped your business or is it harder to connect with the customer? How can you help your business grow online or reach your goal faster?

1. Learn more about all the cookies you are selling. Which cookie do you sell the most of?
2. Some years new cookies are introduced. Learn more about the most recent cookie. What is the flavor, shape, and filling. Did you get to taste it?
3. Learn more about where the cookies are made for your group. Are your cookies different from the ones other areas sell? Are they priced the same?
4. Create a dessert, milkshake, decorate a cupcake or any other sweet with a cookie. Make the cookie the star of the dessert. What did you make?
5. Take the cookie challenge and compete with other cookie sellers and see who can come up with the best creation or taste combination using one of the cookies.

Earn the cake decorating triangle, circle or rectangle as well.  


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