Discovering Chocolate and Sweet Treats

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Chocolate program
Complete one item to earn this patch.

1. How is chocolate made? Research a country or place that makes chocolate and find out more.
2. Try two different kinds of chocolate. Examples: Milk, dark, white, dipped, bar, semi-sweet, etc.
3. Make something molded, dipped or decorated with chocolate.
4. Learn what types of things are made with chocolate. Try two things or go to a place that dips chocolates, makes chocolate, or creates candy with chocolate in it.
5. Make a container or decorate an item to hold chocolates. Examples: boxes, decorated paper bags, cupcake liners, etc.
6. Play a game that involves chocolate.
7. Give the gift of chocolate or make chocolate items to give to family, friends or those in need.
8. Attend an event, have a chocolate party, or taste test different items that have chocolate on them. [potluck party and everyone brings a chocolate item]
9. Try an international desserts that have chocolate. Example: cakes, candy, fritters, pies, tarts, tortes, cookies, puddings, custards, and pastries.
10. Taste or create a drink that has chocolate in it. Examples: Hot Cocoa, smoothie, milkshake, chocolate milk, etc.
11. Try something with chocolate that you have never tried before.
12. Experiment with chocolate. Create your own chocolate creation. How did it taste?
13. Bake something with chocolate in it. Examples: pies, bars, cookies, cake, etc.
14. View a chocolate sculpture on line or in person. Draw out a chocolate design for cakes or a sculpture.
15. Visit a chocolate shop, take a chocolate tour, or visit a candy shop. Order a chocolate treat to try. What did you learn about chocolate at the event or tour?
16. Check out your palette by taking a blind fold test. Taste a variety of chocolate in different forms or flavors. Examples: truffles, chocolate raisin, nuts, peanut butter chocolate blend, etc.


1. CHOCOLATE: In 1900, the first milk chocolate bar was produced in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. What was the name of the company that created it? What is chocolate made from and when was it first discovered? Create something with chocolate in it. Examples: brownies, fudge, cake, chocolate chip cookies, frosting, cocoa, melted chocolate for dipping, etc.
2. CREATIVE: In the 13th century, Venice was called the sugar capital of the world. They had decorative sugar sculptures and candy was presented as an art molded and candied into special treats. Create something creative using candy or sweet treats. Examples include: gingerbread houses, castle cakes, artistic cupcakes, decorated cookies, magic wands, chocolate molds, let your imagination soar.

3. CANDY: In the 17th century hard candies were enjoyed in England and later passed to the Americans. By the mid 1800’s, American factories were creating “penny candy”, candy sold by the pound. Have a candy taste test, make your own candy, decorate sweet treats with candy, OR create something using candy. Candy ideas: Jellies, caramel, licorice, taffy, nougat, peanut brittle, and hard candy.

4. SEASONAL: In 1868, the first box of chocolates was created for Valentines Day and in 1902, the first conversation hearts were released. Talk about a holiday, special event, or festival that uses sweet treats as part of its celebration. What do they serve or purchase? If you celebrate this holiday what is your favorite sweet treat? For extra celebrate the holiday, have a cookie exchange, or create sweets to represent the holiday. Examples: Easter, Christmas, Kings Day, White Day, tea party, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween.

5. LIQUID: In the 1900’s, the first milkshake was created with a sweet syrup and became popular in the 1930’s in soda shops. Create your own sweet treat in liquid form. Examples include: milkshakes, smoothies, slushy, egg nog, hot cocoa, ice cream floats, punch, and lemonade.

6. RETRO: In 1896 tootsie rolls were created and in 1912 lifesavers were debuted. Some sweets of the past are still in circulation while others have been replaced. Learn about candies from an era of time, create a sweet treat from the past, make your own retro candy wrapper OR find a candy that is no longer available from the past.

7. DIPPED: Many retailers specialize in hand dipped sweets. They dip fruits, marshmallows, pretzels, nuts, cookies, pound cakes, peanut butter balls, and much more. Choose an item to dip, try a dipped item, OR learn more about dipping sweets

8. MARSHMALLOW: In the 1850’s root sap and sugar was fluffed together by the Europeans to create a sweet treat. Today, it is created by using gelatin and starch. Create something from marshmallow OR use it in a different form such as dipped, melted, creative art, or cut into shapes. Examples: Smores, rice krispies treats, popcorn balls, dipped in chocolate and coconut, ice cream toppings, or decorations on treats.

9. FRUITY: Creating sweet treats including some naturally sweet fruits is sometimes healthy and always fun. Create a fruity sweet treat OR try a fruity treats. Examples include: Banana nut bread, baked apples, fruit cups, trail mix, or apple pie.

10. GLOBAL: Sweet treats are created all over the world. Try a new recipe from another country that is sweet OR purchase some sweets at a local global mart to taste test.

11. FUN: Learning about candy or viewing candy through different materials can be fun and educational. Play the Candy Land game, watch the Willie and the Chocolate Factory movie, take a tour of a sweet treat factory or store, have a bake sale, OR fun item of your choice involving candy.

12. CAREERS: Learn about careers in sweet treats. Choose one career and learn more about it. Examples: store owner, bakery, pastry chef, taste tester, factory worker, sales, or graphic art designer for labels and packaging.

13. SERVICE: It is fun to create sweet treats and give them to others. Create sweet treats and donate them to others.

14. FROZEN: Ice and milk concoctions were created in China as early as AD 618 and over time was brought to Europe. Recipes for sherbets, gelatos, and ices were evolved and eventually imported to the United States by 1812 the first ice cream was served by Dolly Madison. Create a frozen treat OR enjoy a frozen treat, OR take a tour of a frozen treat factory or store.

15. COOKIES: Homemade cookies are great any time of the year and the perfect sweet treat for special occasions. Create a cookie of your choice. For extra: have a cookie and recipe exchange with your friends.

16. OTHER: Create a sweet treat of your choice including cakes, cinnamon rolls, pudding, muffins, cupcakes, pies, etc. It can be enjoyed as a family treat or a special occasion.

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