Queen Elizabeth II Patch (Includes Free Digital Kit)

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Patch: 2.75 inches (85% embroidered --metallic silver and gold threads)

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Complete one requirement to earn this patch. (ready to ship Oct 31st)

1. Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926. She was the first born of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. She served from 1952 to 2022 as a reigning monarch for the United Kingdom. What countries are part of the United Kingdom? What does the flag look like?

2. When Princess Elizabeth was 11 years old she was a Girl Guide. Later Princess Elizabeth and her mother became patrons of Girl Guiding and supported girls in earning the The Queen’s Guide Award. The highest award you can earn in Girl Guides. Learn more about the requirements and what the award looks like. Would you like to earn this award? What level would you be as a Girl Guide? (Rainbows, Brownies, Guides or Rangers.) Click here for the PDF of The Queen's Guide Award

3. Buckingham Palace transformed a summerhouse in the garden into the 1st guide company to help Girl Guides earn their challenge badges. Elizabeth’s troop had children from the royal household and the employees. There were 20 Guides and 14 Brownies. They learned how to pitch tents, first aid, and much more. Complete a requirement from any level of their badges today. Examples of badges today are: Navigator, confectionery, collecting, dancing, charities, digital design, costumes, craftivism, drawing, event planning, festival goer, or family tree.
Click here for more information on badges in the United Kingdom

4. Queen Elizabeth II wore a beautiful gown to her coronation. It was designed by Norman Hartwall and every country in the commonwealth at the time was represented on her silk gown such as the tudor rose, maple leaf, fern, wheat, lotus, and more. This was just the beginning of her beautiful and classic wardrobe. Over the years she wore many beautiful dresses, suits and gowns to events. Choose one to view and learn more about. Where did she wear it? What was the occasion?

5. Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed tea in Buckingham palace on a daily basis. One of her favorites was Earl Grey tea with an assortment of biscuits. Afternoon garden tea parties are given annually at the palace. Have or attend a tea party or tea place, OR have tea at home or with friends, OR learn more about the items served at an English tea and try some earl grey tea or other English blend.

6. Queen Elizabeth II loved animals. She started riding horses at age 3. Over the years she had a dorgi, cocker spaniel, several corgis, and thoroughbred horses. On the Windsor farm there were cows, hens, and sows. Learn more about one of the animals she had. What color are they, size, and what they eat. For extra, if it was pet, find out their names.

7. During Queen Elizabeth II reign she wore several different hats, crowns, tiaras, diadems, and beautiful head pieces. View photos of a few of them. Draw a picture of one, create a craft of a head piece, or design a head piece fit for a queen. Examples of craft ideas: Floral wreath, paper crown decorated with designs, silver pipe cleaner tiara, OR use a hat and add flowers, feathers, and other unique designs to the brim.

8. Over the years, Queen Elizabeth II traveled to over 116 countries and supported over 500 different charities. Complete a community service project or donate to a charity that reflects her interests. Examples include: dog rescue, friends of the elderly (helping the elderly), Girlguiding, children’s hospitals, women’s shelters, horse care, disability assistance, anti-bullying, restoring flower gardens and planting trees.

9. In 2022, the Platinum Jubliee of Queen Elizabeth II was an international celebration marking 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II reign. It was the first time any monarch in British history had celebrated this. Leaders from across the world sent messages of congratulations to the Queen, commemorative stamps and coins were issued by several different nations. Choose one of the following to view: Pictures, videos, commemorative items, OR decorations of this event.

10. Buckingham Palace served as the Queen Elizabeth II main residence. During her time there she added a Queen’s Gallery, where items from the Royal Collection are displayed for visitors to see. She also stayed at the Windsor Castle (England), Sandringham House (England) and Balmoral Castle (Scotland) on special occasions or weekends. Learn more about one of these homes. How many rooms, fireplaces, or bedrooms? Take a virtual tour or view pictures online. What was your favorite room or item?

11. Learn more about the United Kingdom food. Consider that there are four countries in the United Kingdom. (Wales, England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland) Try a food or recipe OR visit a restaurant that specializes in the food. Examples: Jam Roly-Poly, Shepherd’s pie, haggis, bangers and mash, Yorkshire pudding, Irish stew, scones, fish and chips, bubble and Squeak, Scotch egg, Sunday roast, toad in the hole and trifle.

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