Canoe Crusaders

  • $2.00



All ages must complete 3


  1. In the presence of a life saver, jump into water over your head, come to the surface and stay afloat for five minutes by treading water, swimming with minimum  progress, or resting in a floating position.


  1. Show that you can use and care for a PFD (Personal Flotation Device).


  1. What happens when the canoe is overturned or if the paddles are lost?


  1. Find out the parts of the canoe.


  1. View or assist how to load a canoe to the water.


  1. Sit in a canoe on land at a demonstration or class of how to do strokes correctly before you go to the water.


  1. Learn how to pack for a canoe trip and what to bring.


  1. Plan an outing with an adult by using a canoe. Make sure you follow all the safety rules you learned before your outing.




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