Elemental PATCH- learn more about the elements

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ONLY 20 left of patches-- so 20 patches or 20 kits

Kit for 1 includes: KIT #1

  • Elemental patch
  • 2 activity sheets
  • Full color front and back card about National forests and planting a tree
  • One tree planted patch (NATIONAL FOREST)- Plant a tree (earth)
  • One tree planted DONATION to plant a tree for you in the National Forests The project will help restore land damaged by events like fires and winds. (fire)
  • 1 pencil and stick pin to create a pinwheel 
  • 1 pinwheel template to create a pinwheel, with instructions (air)
  • 2 marine life stickers (water animals)

    Add on the following:
    Forest Ranger Trainee Patch
    Park Ranger Trainee Patch
    (FREE KIT to print after purchase)
    Pinwheels for Peace Patch
    (decorate a pinwheel)
    Water Conservation Patch (FREE KIT to print after purchase)
    Earth Hour patch (give back to the earth for 1 hour or complete an outdoor activity for an hour)
    rectangle, circle, triangle (FREE activity sheets sent to you after purchase)
    Butterflies rectangle, circle, triangle (learn about butterflies and migration)
    Geology rectangle, circle, triangle (learn about gems and rocks)
    Flowers rectangle, circle, triangle (learn about flowers and pollination)
    Marine Life (dolphin) rectangle, circle, triangle (FREE activity sheet)
    Marine Life (turtle) rectangle, circle, triangle (FREE activity sheet)
    Swimming and Water Fun rectangle, circle, triangle 

    Patch requirements
    details on patch: 2.5 inch patch -85% embroidered-PVC backing

    (Learn more about elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire)

    1. Watch a movie about the elements. It could be about animals that live in the water, land, or air OR earth and conservation. The choice is yours.

    2. Give back to the earth by planting a tree or flower. Plant a flower using a seed. Watch it grow and water it if needed. Plant a tree through the ONE TREE PLANTED program or planting one on your own.

    3. Search trees that grow locally in your state. Identify two different types of trees that grow there OR go apple picking OR complete leaf rubbings OR attend Earth Day or any earth themed activity.

    4. Liquid water is found in oceans, rivers, lakes—and even underground. Learn more about two animals that live in the water.

    5. Solid water or ice is found in glaciers, snow, icicles, and more. What makes the water freeze? Learn about one animal that lives near the snow or an icy region of the earth.

    6. Find out more about photosynthesis and how it creates oxygen for us to breathe.

    7. Posters have been created for decades with messages on how to prevent forest fires and the “Smokey the Bear” mascot. Create a poster on paper that has your own wildfire prevention message or take the “Million Tree Challenge” which assists in planting trees to restore forests destroyed by wildfire.

    8. When a volcano erupts the lava comes out. It flows on the ground until it cools and hardens into rock. Learn more about one volcano. Where is it? Is it active?

    9. The earth's atmosphere is different from other planets. Learn about the difference in the Earth's atmosphere and a different planet.

    10. Learn more about experiments using the elements. Complete a simple experiment using an element or combine two elements. Examples: Watery liquid and air, blow bubbles; water and the sun create sun tea; use the heat of a microwave and water molecules inside the marshmallow to make an inside out marshmallow OR ice cream float with carbonated soda.

    11. In some forests there are designated camping areas where you can create a campfire. With adult supervision cook something on a campfire or learn how to safely put it out.

    12. Create a craft that represents one of the elements. Examples: paper airplanes, pinwheel, wind sock, kites, flowers, trees, camping theme, decorate a pet rock, or ocean in a bottle.

    13. Get together and enjoy fun activities with your friends or family. Play a game or complete an activity that represents one of the elements. Examples: Water activities or games at camp, pool, school, or backyard; Air activities like flying a kite, blowing bubbles, watching clouds move, OR any games you throw a ball in the air; Fire activities like the floor is lava game, stories or songs around a campfire, OR skit on fire prevention; Earth activities or games nature scavenger hunt, letterboxing, relay or outdoor games.

    14. Create or enjoy some fun themed food representing the elements. Examples: Cookies or cupcakes decorated with the different elements. Water: punch, goldfish crackers, or frozen lemonade; air: cotton candy, popcorn, puff pastry or Fire: campfire food, smores, or Crème Brûlée.

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