Fairy Tales

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Fairy Tales (All ages complete 3 requirements) 

  1. Read a fairy tale or watch a movie based off one.
  2. Play a game, complete a puzzle, or play with puppets with a fairy tale theme. (see game ideas below)
  3. Make a food, snack, or drink from a fairy tale. Some examples are: gingerbread cookies, toadstool pizzas, fizzy fairy punch, or dirt in a cup.  (see recipes below)
  4. Make a craft from a fairy tale. Examples: bookmarks, puppets, dragon eggs, fish, banner, treasure box, sand art, wand, or cardboard castle. (see craft ideas below)
  5. Attend or have a magical event, tea, or fairy tale themed.
  6. Play “Pass the Story.” Start the story with “Once Upon a Time…” and have each person add a line to the story.
  7. Dress up like a fairy tale character or make a costume or accessory from a fairy tale.  Examples:  Crown, cape, wand, hair clip, mask, or hat.
  8. Have a magical fairy or princess scavenger hunt.  Make a list of magical items and have someone hide them a designated area. Examples:  Fairy dust, key, wand, ribbon, butterfly, feather, gold coin, ring, flower etc.
  9. Learn to be a princess on the inside by doing community service, being nice, and helping others. Examples: Make cards, collect food items, socks, or winter items.
  10. Read an original fairy tale like from Grimm’s fairy tale’s or Hans Christian Andersen. This might be scary for younger girls, so ONLY older girls should choose this requirement to complete.
  11.  Try drawing your own fairy tale character or color or design a gown for a princess or Queen.  Give it a name and clothing or features OR choose a character from a movie or book and change it.  For extra, you can also research how characters are drawn for movies or books.
  12. Learn about a magical creature, villain, or character in a book or movie. What do they look like?  Do they have any special abilities or unique personality?  Examples: Fairy godmother, dragon, witch, queen, unicorn, mermaid, or fairy.  
  13. Act out a skit or play that resembles a fairy tale. Read a fairy tale to the elderly, children, your family or friends, or younger girls.
  14. Write your own fairy tale. Be creative!



Toadstool Top Pizza 
Refrigerated pizza dough or pre-made pizza crusts
Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce in a can, jar, or squeezable bottle
Other toppings such as: mushrooms, ham,  olives, onions, etc. 

Place the pizza dough or crust onto the pizza pan and spread the tomato sauce over almost the entire pizza, leaving room for the crust. Sprinkle enough cheese to cover the pizza. Place any additional toppings on top top with pepperoni (the toadstool dots). Cook according to the directions on the crust and enjoy!

Fizzy Fairy Punch
1 (2-liter) bottle of ginger ale, 1 tub of rainbow sherbet, 1 46 oz. can of pineapple juice
1 large bowl or punch bowl

Pour the container of pineapple juice into the bowl.  Place the tub of sherbet in the bowl.  Top with the ginger ale and serve.  Drink will have sparkly taste and a frothy look to it.

Marshmallow Princess Wands (makes 12)
Assorted candies and sprinkles, 1 bag of chocolate melts (white or pastel colored) 12 plastic forks and 12 large marshmallows 

Place assorted candies and sprinkles in several small bowls. Melt chocolate according to package directions. Insert a plastic fork into the bottom of each marshmallow. Holding the fork, dip each marshmallow into the melted coating and then dip coated marshmallow into  candies and sprinkles.

Place marshmallow pops on a baking sheet and put in the freezer for 5 minutes to harden the coating quickly. Keep marshmallow pops in the freezer until ready to eat.

Paper Plate Fish
Markers, paper plate and glue

Cut a wedge shape out of the paper plate. Glue it to the other side of the paper plate to create the tail. Have the participants draw an eye on the fish.  Let them decorate the fish with markers or glue tissue paper on the fish.

Easy Head Wreath 
Flower garland and any other items to hot glue on for decorations
scissors, packing or masking tape to secure the ends 

Flower garlands can be purchased at local $1.00 stores or craft stores.  They range from 5-6 feet in length. Wrap the garland around the top of the head and cut to fit.  Make sure your leave room to secure the ends with tape.  For extra, you can hot glue items for the participants on their wreath.  Little butterflies, toadstools, sparkly items etc. 

Dragon Eggs
plastic eggs, black Permanent marker
stickers, self adhesive gems to attach to outside of the eggs 

Give each participant a couple eggs to decorate.  Have them put their initial inside the egg if you are playing the game below.


Afterwards play the Hunt for Dragon Egg game.  It is simple—Hide the eggs for the participants to find.  The team or person that finds the most wins. 

Once Upon a Time... Have all the players sit in a circle. Choose someone to the storyteller. Have them start the story “Once upon a time…” Have them complete the sentence and the next person has to finish the story with another sentence. Have them continue the story until the end around the circle.  You can go twice around the circle depending on the age level.

Butterfly Bounce  a butterfly (found at craft and dollar stores) or any other fairy tale theme item and music 

Have all the players sit in a circle. Choose someone to start the game with the butterfly and someone to be the music player. Give the player the butterfly and start the music. Whenever the music stops and someone has the butterfly, that player is out. For it to be fair, have the music player not face the group. Have this game continue until the last player is there. That player can be the music player next time. 

Scavenger Fairy Hunt or Selfie Scavenger Fairy Hunt (Have the participants take photos of the items they find as buddies or group--they can scrapbook the memories later)



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