Sweet Shoppe

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BR complete 3, all other levels complete 4

1. Learn about the history of candy and candy making.
2. Learn the history of chocolate and how it is made.
3. Find out about careers that are related to the candy making industry. Learn what education is required for the various jobs. Discover the salaries and skill sets needed for these jobs.
4. Learn how to make lollipops in at least one color and flavor. You can make these free-form or using a lollipop mold.
5. Investigate the various flavors of fudge that can be made and make some of your own!
6. Decorate a gingerbread house or other display using candy. 
7. Learn what taffy is, research a recipe and make one or more flavors of it.
8. Gelatin can be used to thicken foods such as pies and is used to make marshmallows.  Make a sweet treat using marshmallows.
9. Candy is often associated with various holidays. Traditionally people think of Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween or Christmas.  Make a candy using chocolate molds or other methods to create a candy that is themed to a holiday.
10. Create at least two different candy items using the following methods:
a. Molded candy
b. Fruit covered in candy
c. Pretzels covered in candy
11. Make candy of your choice and donate the candy to a local food bank or a shelter. Check with the organization ahead of time to make sure they accept homemade donations.  If they cannot accept homemade goods, then create a basket of store bought goods, make cards and small bags of candies for easy distribution.
12. Organize a candy making class for a group of Scouts to help them earn the Sweet Shoppe Badge.   
13. Familiarize yourself the methods of coloring and flavoring candy. Try creating a colored or flavored candy.
14.  With adult supervision, make one type of candy that requires the use of a candy thermometer.  What did you make? 
15.  Visit the website of a candy company.  Does the colors and packaging influence you to purchase the candy?  Design your own candy and wrapper.




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