Stamp Ministry (dated) 2023 OR 2024

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Collect stamps off envelopes and give back to children around the world. 

Size: [2 1/2 inches tall X 1 1/2 inches wide] laser cut patch

Save your stamps to earn this patch. Save 8 stamps and you earn this patch. The funds assist children around the world in providing them with books printed in their language. (Activity books and reading material requested from ages Kindergarten to 12th grade.)

1. Earning the Patch: If you are working on the postage stamp project as an individual then you will need to collect 8 stamps to earn the postage stamp patch. Average groups of 10 would need to collect 80 stamps, or 8 each.

Ask parents or companies to collect the stamps for you at local businesses. Then you can sort and trim them at home.


2. Stamps: You can send NEW unused stamps or cancelled stamps.  All
designs are accepted--- flag, Limited Edition, bulk rate, non-profit, Love, post card and Foreign stamps.


3. Saving the stamps:  Please leave a border around the stamp of the background paper it was placed on, making sure all corner fringe and borders are not clipped. Even if the stamp gets damaged or trimmed to close, they can still use it. (Don't throw any stamps away, simply donate them!)

4.Metered postage: No metered mail postage are accepted, only actual stamps.

5. Organizing Stamps: Simply place the stamps in an envelope or Ziploc bag for delivery. If you would like to sort your stamps  as a group ahead of time, please place the commemorative stamps in one bag, regular issue in a separate bag, and foreign stamps in a third bag. (A commemorative stamp is a postage stamp that special released that year. It is usually issued to honor or commemorate a place, holiday, event, person, floral, or object.)(A regular issue stamp example is a flag stamp.)

6. FOREIGN STAMPS: If you are collecting foreign stamps, please do not trim the stamps. The stamps are worth more with the cancellation still attached to the stamp.

 7. Submitting Stamps: [Use the stamp ministry address below to mail your stamps not to order your patch.]

Please mail ONLY your stamps to the below address:

Your stamps should be sent directly to:
Alliance Stamp Ministry
15000 Shell Point Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33908

How do they make money?  The stamp ministry volunteers sort them into
bundles and sell them to stamp collectors.

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