12 Days of Jolly PATCH OR KIT

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How to Earn "12 Days of Jolly"

You can complete them in any order.  Except day 12 is last.  Multiple items can be completed in one day.  Below is a GUIDE for completing the projects.  You can complete them on winter break, at a meeting, or during a sleepover etc. They are listed as daily activities for those that want to take it one day at a time.

FREE digital download of 12 cards and games when you purchase the patch.

  1. Day 1
    • Make a card for a soldier
    • Make a card for your parent or grandparent
    • Make a card for your friend, leader, teacher, or for a gift you are giving.
  2. Day 2
    • Make some hot cocoa for yourself of a loved one
    • Try a new flavor combo, like adding a candy cane
    • Don’t care for cocoa? Then try tea, cider, eggnog, or other drinks
  3. Day 3
    • Place some candy canes on doorsteps, cars, mailboxes—or even hidden inside
    • your house--or a treat for others
    • give them to your teacher, friend, leader, or elderly homes
    • Add them to presents, place them in stockings for children or soldiers
  4. Day 4
    • Help an adult make a wreath
    • Make a paper wreath or an ornament wreath
    • Complete the wreath craft in the kit
    • Color a wreath on paper or draw and design a wreath
  5. Day 5
    • Drive around to see some lights or visit a light festival
    • Help put up some lights
    • Help decorate with lights on the tree, at school, family or friend   
    • Go to a play, show, or holiday event                                    
  6. Day 6
    • Try to make some new recipes
    • Gift them to family or friends
    • Try some simple slice and bake or pre-cut cookies to create
    • Attend a cookie exchange or group event where you bring cookies
    • Decorate prebaked cookies
  7. Day 7
    • Learn a new holiday song to share
    • Sing a familiar holiday song to a loved one or a senior home
    • Participate in a holiday event at school, church, troop meeting etc.
    • Attend a musical event with holiday songs
  8. Day 8
    • Holiday season can be a busy time of the year.  Choose something to help someone with
    • Help wrap presents or deliver presents to family and friends
    • Help a family member with simple chores around the house
    • Purchase a gift for those in need during the holiday season (toys for tots, angel tree, and more)
  9. Day 9
    • Watch a holiday movie with some snacks. You can try a new one to you or watch an old favorite
    • Have a movie party and invite your friends over to watch a show or movie
    • Decorate gingerbread houses or cupcakes and watch a movie afterwards
    • Meet at the movie theater and watch the movie together 
  10. Day 10
    • Play a holiday game like holiday Pictionary, bingo, or charades. You can also do minute to win it, holiday edition.
    • Charades and Pictionary cards will be emailed to you after the purchase of the patch
    • Play any game you would like with your family and friends
    • What type of games do you like? Mystery, cards, or action etc.  Choose one to complete with your family or friends
  11. Day 11
    • A wonderful artsy gift is a drawing or painting, but could also be a bracelet, picture frame, something sculptured out of clay, etc.
    • Put together some photos in a scrapbook and gift it to your grandparents or parents
    • Make a heartfelt gift like drawing a picture, creating a craft, or a handmade card for someone you care for 
  12. Day 12
    • This last day is up to you. Do something fun that gets you into the jolly spirit.

Kit includes: 

  • 12 Days of Jolly patch (laser cut wreath patch) 
  • Wreath foam craft (add a date) (2023)
  • 1 mini candy cane 
  • Card to decorate & items to decorate it
  • Holiday pencil
  • Holiday eraser
  • “I Participated in the 12 Days of Jolly” sticker
  • Instant Digital Download (will not be mailed in the kit)
    • Whodunnit Card Game
    • 12 Days of Jolly Riddle Cards
    • Charades or Pictionary Cards

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