Animation Drawing Class Patch

Animation Drawing Class Patch

  • $1.60

Did you know there are FREE animation classes online from expert animators to see how to create characters and to get more information? It takes practice, skills with geometry and shapes, and lots of paper!

Here are just a few to try out! 

Animation is a work of science! Science classes teaches you about motion, gravity and how things like wind, can move the leaves on a tree, for instance. All of that applies in animation, too! That’s how it looks so realistic. Before an animator can create a fiery explosion or a splash of water, they have to first understand physics. Knowing the way particles push or pull each other is the basis for creating these elaborate special effects.

It also uses math! Animators use geometry and a trick known as a “Voronoi diagram” to create patterns that could make up giraffe spots, the cracks you might see in dried mud, and dinosaur scales. They also have to draw items in perspective and with multiple shapes to create just a head of a character!

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