Archery (Brownie Try-It)

Archery (Brownie Try-It)

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To earn this Brownie Try-It complete 3 of the following requirements.

An adult currently certified as an instructor by the National Archery Association or equivalent certification or documented experience indicating knowledge and skill in teaching/supervising archery must be present while completing this Try-It.

1. Demonstrate how to judge good bows and arrows and know the names of their parts.

2.  What does “weight” mean as applied to bows?

3. Show how to care for a bow when in use and how to store them properly.

4.  Demonstrate the correct way of pulling an arrow from the target, and picking it up from the ground.

5.  Demonstrate the correct stance used for shooting an arrow.

6.  Know the safety zone when you are using the bow and arrow.

7.  Know and follow the archery range whistle commands.

8.  Become familiar with safety equipment and how to use it. Such as arm guards, finger tabs, and  Chest protector. 

9.  Learn proper warm-up exercises and use them before shooting.

10.  Know the safety rules for handling arrows. Know how to select arrows

of the correct size. Know how to remove arrows from a target.

11. Know the safety rules for handling the bow. Learn how to hold the bow

for shooting and at rest.

12. Know how to dress for safety. Know how to put on the arm guard and

use it every time you shoot. Optional: Know how to put on and use

finger tabs.

13.  Know the parts of the archery range (waiting line, shooting line, and

target line, etc.).

14. Learn the safety rules for the range, and the range procedures.

Includes the verbal commands and the whistle commands.

15.  Know and practice the nine steps of shooting. (Be able to name these.)

16.   Know how to score. Shoot at least one round of three ends of six

arrows and keep score.

17.  Go to a library or online and learn the history of archery and about the

National Archery Association or US Archery.

18.  Read and tell about the Olympics Archery programs and the award winning archers.

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