Art in the Home (Junior Badge)

Art in the Home (Junior Badge)

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Art in the Home

1. Art in Style  Collect pictures of different rooms showing different styles of furniture, rugs, wall coverings, decorations,
and lighting, and different color schemes. Using your collection, do one of the following:
• Decide which furniture style you like best and why.
• Look at the patterns in the rooms.
How many patterns are there-on the floor, walls, windows, and
furniture? Do they go with each other or do they clash?
• Look at the colors and how they are used. Do different colors give different feelings? How are colors used together?

2. Measure Up
Measure a room in a house. Draw it on a large piece of paper in scale, 1 inch = 1 foot.* Indicate doors and windows. With colored paper, cut shapes to scale for furniture, rugs, storage units, etc. Move the cut pieces around on the scale drawing and then place them where they look best to you. Look for ways to improve the use of space. When you're satisfied, glue the shapes in place.
3. Create a Dream Room
Cut out pictures of furniture,  accessories, wallpaper, and rugs
that you like. Arrange them in a  shoe box to create your "dream
room." Glue into place and show your room to others.

4. A Dried Gourd  ·Decoration  Dried gourds are used  throughout the world in places such as Mexico and Central and South America, as bowls and containers. Try making your own gourd decoration.
1. Start with a gourd that has a smooth surface. If it is not already dried, it will have to dry out for a long time before this project is completed, perhaps six to eight months. It will
feel much lighter and the seeds will rattle when it is dry. Clean it
after it is dry.
2. Using heavy pressure, cover the entire surface of the gourd with black crayon except for the areas where you want the color of the gourd to show.
3. Smooth the crayoned gourd to a glossy shine with a tissue.
4. Study the shape of the gourd and decide on a design. A gourd with a long neck might make a nice goose. A round gourd might
suggest a small animal.
5. Using blunt scissors or a knitting needle, scrape through the
crayon to expose the gourd underneath. Scrape, but don't
cut, the skin of the gourd. If you don't like your design, cover over the surface once again with black crayon and begin the scraping process over again.

5. Say It with Flowers Visit a store that sells plants and
flowers to see a variety  of arrangements. Then make your own
floral arrangement or centerpiece.

6. Home Arts: Home Business You can make home arts, and then sell them as part of a home business. Visit at least two shops that sell things for the home that are made by people at their homes. If possible, arrange to speak with someone who
creates home art for sale.

7. Budget for the Future Visit a store that sells furniture, rugs,
china, table linens, curtains, and other household items or look through mail order catalogs or on the Web. Select items that you think you would like to have in your home someday. List them and find out the pieces.

8. Design Your Own Room Make two plans for your own room,
including what you need for sleeping, storage, relaxing, homework, and hobbies. Make one plan as if you had an unlimited budget; the other plan as if you had very little money to spend.

9. Holiday Decor Make a decoration, such as a harvest wreath, a dried flower arrangement, a flag, or a table centerpiece, to add a festive look to your home during a holiday.

10. Accent on Beauty Create something that would make your home nicer, such as a basket, wall hanging, or quilt. For ideas,
look through how-to craft books or at other badges with art activities. 


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