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All levels earn 3 requirements.

1. Telescope. Learn about how to use a telescope to observe space. For extra, go outside to try to find some or go to a planetarium.  You can also observe through a telescope online.

2. Constellations. Learn about 2 different constellations.  What do they look like?  For extra, make your own star map.

3. Stars. What is a star and what is it made out of? Learn 2 facts about stars.

4. Solar System. What are the planets in the solar system? Choose one and learn more about it OR make a model solar system.

5. Create your own. Create your own constellation and name it OR complete a craft that is space related. 

6. Glow. Wear a glow item to a party or an event. Learn how it glows like stars.

7. Space race. Learn about a space shuttle or a space mission. 

8. Treats. Enjoy a treat that is space themed. Examples are: out of this world punch, "rocky" moon cookies, space decorated cupcakes, and pop rocks OR try some space food like dehydrated ice cream.

9. Envision.  Design a space shuttle, rocket, or mars rover.  For extra, learn how astronauts stay in space.

10. Science. Learn about different instruments or items used for astronomy. What are they used for?  Examples: Star charts, telescopes, spectroscopes, cameras, or observatories.

11. Careers. Learn about 2 different careers that involve astronomy.  Examples: astronomer,  college professor, meteorologist, planetarium director, or research scientist.

12. Film. Watch a film or TV show that involves space or stars.

13. Event. Research or go to an event that involves learning about space.  Examples of events include: Learning about an eclipse, space activity at museums, or badge events.

14. Moon PhasesLearn about the different moon phases. For extra, make a chart OR  booklet OR out of Oreo cookies!

15. Outer Space. Learn about different items in space such as shooting stars, milky ways, or asteroids.

16. Astrology. Learn about your zodiac/astrology sign. Find out what the constellation looks like. Does your sign match your personality?

17. Booklet. Make your own astronomy booklet OR space log with what you observe in the sky each night or online.  

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