Australia and Habitat

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 3 requirements for all ages (artistic creation)

  1. Australia is the only country occupying an entire continent.  Locate Australia on a map and find its capital.  Identify Australia’s flag.
  2. G’day mate! (Good day friend). English is the official language of Australia, and is also has some slang words or expressions unique to Australia. Learn five Australian words.
  3. Australia has unique animals that reside there. Choose four (2) animals to learn more about. Some examples are: Platypus, kangaroo, kookaburra, emu, or koala.
  4. Make a recipe from Australia. Examples could be a drink or dessert..
  5. One of the most famous buildings in Australia is the Sydney Opera House. Learn more about a landmark in Australia.
  6. Go to an event where Australia is represented. This can be Thinking Day, a cultural dance, or a book reading.
  7. Demonstrate community service for Australia by helping an animal that is endangered by donating to the cause or sending materials needed.
  8. Learn about a song or dance from Australia.  A popular song is “Waltzing with Matilda”;  or learn more about a  musical instrument or dance.
  9.  Learn more about the Great Barrier Reef. Discover 2 animals that reside there and where the reef is located. 
  10.   Create an artistic craft that represents Australia. Example: Decorate a paper boomerang or draw a picture of animals in Australia.

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