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Have a camp-in or campout with friends or virtual with other friends with our kit!

Kit for 1 Includes:

  • Songs, Swaps and Smores patch
  • Bingo patch (dated 2023)
  • Song BOOK (Free-10 pages)
  • Camp Sand Art (6x6) 
  • Smore swap
  • Camp tattoo
  • Camp Pin
  • Camping BINGO sheets (6 different sheets for 6 different players)


    Camping Skills with Charms Patch Program
    This patch can be earned younger and older participants according to the requirements below.

    Complete only requirement per charm. There are no requirements for the patch.

    Participants should complete the skills they are able to complete according to their skill or age.
    Some skills will prepare you for camping while others you will complete while you are camping.
    Knowledge is the key to learning a new skill.

    Remember: No one should venture in the wilderness on hike alone.

    Animal Habitat Charm (Charm with animal prints) [choose one]
    1. Learn about one animal that habitats in the backyard, woods or local campground. What color is it? What is the size and what does it eat?
    2. Look for animal tracks on a trail or backyard with an adult. Never try to track an animal.
    3. View tracks in a book or internet. Create a booklet or worksheet of the tracks. Which look similar and find out the smallest?
    4. Find out more about wild animals you might see when you are camping by visiting an animal or nature reserve, park shelter, or animal reservation that has information about animals in the wild. Learn about one.
    5. Learn more about habitats and why you shouldn't disturb their home. Do not approach wild animals. Example: You find a nest in a tree. What would you do?
    6. Create a sketch booklet and draw animals or tracks in the wild while you are out camping or exploring the wilderness.
    7. Learn more about birds. You can study them with binoculars, a nearby habitat, or perched on a tree. You can write down the size, color, and special traits and look it up when you get home.
    8. Create your own requirement to earn this charm.

    Smores Charm (Charm with smore) [choose one]
    1. Make your own smore. If you have a campfire, place your marshmallow on a stick roast it over the campfire. Place a piece of chocolate on a graham cracker square and place the warm marshmallow sandwiched between two graham crackers. You can also use a microwave if you are camping indoors.
    2. Try out some other easy campfire fun treats OR learn how to use a hand can opener and make a treat from a can. Choose one like a banana boat, moose lips, roasted hot dogs, OR cheese sandwich.
    3. Create your own trail mix for your camping trip. What did you place in it?
    4. Work with an adult and make a recipe for a meal either on the campfire or a lodge kitchen.
    5. Work with an adult and help plan meals for a camping trip.
    6. Pack a lunch and go on a picnic or trail. Stop and enjoy your creation. Don't forget to bring a drink. Make sure you don't leave any trash behind.
    7. Create a twist on a smore and add something different. Name your new creation. What did you change? Example: Cookies and cream chocolate instead of milk chocolate OR add peanut butter.
    8. Create your own requirement to earn this charm.

    Campfire Charm (Charm with fire) [choose one]
    1. Cooking over a campfire should have adult supervision. Help the participate cook something over a fire. Depending on the age of the child you can teach them how to cook over embers, direct flame, or a pot rack over the fire.
    2. Learn how to build a campfire. Have the participants gather small twigs and larger pieces to get the fire built. ONLY an adult should start the fire and maintain it. Show the participants the proper way to put out a fire.
    3. Have the participants create fire starters. It can be as simple as shaved waxed candles rolled into wax paper. Let them place it on the fire BEFORE it is started. Children should stay away from the fire.
    4. Learn how to cook on a stove in the lodge or a propane stove with adult supervision.
    5. Gather around the fire and sing songs and tell stories to each other. (adult supervision is near the fire)
    6. Attend a campfire cooking class, encampment, camporee or any event that is camping related.
    7. Read a book or learn a new camping skill you can share with others. Example: Skit, food to cook over the fire, song, or camping activity.
    8. Create your own requirement to earn this charm.

    Boot Charm (Charm with boot) [choose one]
    1. Attend any camping event.
    2. Learn how to roll up your sleeping bag and pack your backpack for a camping trip. Prepare or follow a list of items you need for the trip including the proper footwear for weather or hiking.
    3. Go on a hike with an adult. Make sure you wear the proper shoes and someone has brought a first aid kit. To ensure you don't get lost make sure you follow a proper trail.
    4. Learn how to use a compass. To ensure you don't get lost make sure you follow a proper trail or marked area.
    5. Complete a scavenger hunt on your outdoor adventure. Find two different trees, tracks, habitat and a trail.
    6. Complete a water activity while you are camping. Example: fishing, canoeing, sailing, rafting,etc. (adult supervision)
    7. Complete an outdoor activity of your choice. Archery, horseback riding, etc.
    8. Create your own requirement to earn this charm.

    Rope Charm (Charm with rope) [choose one]
    1. Learn at least one new knot to tie. You can watch videos on line to learn this skill.
    2. Learn how to pitch a tent with an adult and tie the proper knots.
    3. Go canoeing, rafting or sailing. Learn one of the knots you will need to secure an item on your backpack or boat.
    4. Learn how to roll up your sleeping back properly and secure it with string or rope.
    5. Learn how hang your clothes, tarp, camping equipment or any other items with rope.
    6. Use rope, string, knot tying skills on your camping trip.
    7. Create a sit upon using string to lace around the edges. Finish with the proper knot.
    8. Create your own requirement to earn this charm.

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