Christmas Around the World Patch or Kit

  • $3.99

Travel through countries around the world and color in the passport images as you learn more about their Christmas celebrations! 

Kit Includes:

  • Christmas Around the World mini booklet (passport)
  • Decorate a Christmas tree on paper
  • Word Search
  • Pencil
  • Foam Shapes
  • Eraser


1. Christmas is a holiday that occurs in winter. Learn when it happens, who celebrates it and why. What is the history of Christmas?

2. Over 100 countries celebrate Christmas. Learn about the differences in Christmas celebrations, customs, and traditions that are specific to countries. Try to learn about a country from each of the world’s continents.
3. One custom that is common in almost all countries that celebrate Christmas is a person, animal, or creature that brings gifts during the holiday season. Learn about gift-givers in different countries and compare them.
What are the similarities and differences?
4. During the holiday season surrounding Christmas, everyone makes and eats special foods and drinks. Learn about some Christmas foods and either purchase or try making an item. Which of these foods have you eaten before? Are some of the things you’ve eaten from other countries?
5. Traditional songs and caroling around the neighborhood are an easy way to spice up the season. Do you know any Christmas carols? Try singing a song from a different country or in a different language and try it out on your family or neighborhood by organizing a caroling group.
6. Christmas is surrounded by a lot of fun and merriment. There are some special Christmas games and stories that are reserved for this specific time.
Have you seen any Christmas movies, read Christmas books, or played Christmas games?
7. There are many different symbols for Christmas, and while some are general winter shapes, colors, or plants, some countries and cultures have their own special symbols for this holiday. What are they? Try making some.
8. One of the most famous symbols associated with Christmas is the evergreen tree. What is the history of the “Christmas Tree”, and why is it so special? Learn how some cultures decorate or use their tree, and try making or decorating a tree of your own.
9. Sending Christmas cards during the holiday season has become a popular custom in many countries. Which countries send cards? What is the history behind the Christmas card? Make some cards of your own and send or give them to people you are thankful for or haven’t talked to in a long time.
10. Gingerbread is one of the most popular treats during Christmastime. Learn the story behind the “Gingerbread Man”, make gingerbread people of your own, try making a gingerbread house, or gingerbread themed crafts out of paper or other materials.
11. “Boxing Day” is celebrated the day after Christmas in Canada, England, and some other countries. On this day, people give presents back to the people who have helped them all year by working in the community. Have a boxing day of your own and show someone in your community you care—this can be through donating your time at a shelter, donating handmade Christmas cards, or having a food drive or participating in a program such as Our Neighbor’s Child, Adopt-a-Family, the Heiffer Project, or Operation Christmas Child.
12. Learn about another culture’s holiday that is similar to Christmas. Some exampled include: Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s. More information can be found in our “Happy Holidays” patch program.

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