Collecting Hobbies (Junior Badge)

Collecting Hobbies (Junior Badge)

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Collecting Hobbies (Junior Badge-complete 6)

1. Building Your Collection
Before starting a collection, ask
yourself the following questions.
Write down the answers and
discuss them with your family or
other adult.
• Is the hobby fun?
Can I afford it?
• Do I have the space for it?
• Is it something that will not harm
the environment?

2. Share Your Collection
with Others
One of the best parts about having
a collection is sharing it with
others. Arrange, display, or mount
your collection so that you are able
to show it to others.

3. Meet Other Collectors
Find out what clubs, organizations,
Web sites, or magazines are out
there for people with your hobby.
If possible, meet and talk with other
collectors, or exchange e-mails
to discuss your collection. Be sure
to follow the Online Safety.

4. Be the Expert
AboutYour Hobby
Part of the fun of a collecting hobby
is being an expert about what you
are collecting. Learn more about
the items in your collection.

5. Organize a Hobby Fair
Get your collecting friends
together and show off all of your
collections at a hobby fair. Invite
your fellow collectors to display
their collections in small booths or
stations in your school, in your
backyard, anyplace!

6. Organize Your Hobby
Organize your collection, including
the name or classification of each
object. List when you acquired the

8. Collect for the Community
Sometimes collecting isn't just a
hobby, it's a community service.
There are many ways to help others
by collecting. Collect clothes and
donate them to a charity, feed the
hungry by organizing a food drive
and collecting canned goods, or
keep your local park clean by
collecting trash. These collections
are not meant to be kept or put on
display; they're more useful when
given away.

9. Collecting Globally
Find out whether the items in your
collection would be different if you
lived someplace else. Do you have
a shell collection? Would your
shells be different in Mexico, for
example, or in Indonesia? If
possible, add to your collection
with items from other countries.

10. Generation to Generation
Sometimes grandparents, parents,
object, how much it cost or where or aunts and uncles will hand down you found it, and something special their collections. Some collections about each item.


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