Wizarding World of BAKING

  • $1.99


  • Wizard Baking patch (3 inch tall)
  • Wizard Baking Booklet with recipes, spells and items to complete program (12 pages)
  • Decorating bag (star or fine tip)
  • Icing Practice sheet with plastic cover
  • Cookie Cutter (styles will vary)
  • Magical Baker ID card
  • Recipe Card

Choose 1 requirement from the patch program.

1. Create a treat that represents the Wizarding world. Examples: cookies, tarts, pies, cupcakes and more. (use our wizard baking booklet for ideas)

2. Learn how to measure ingredients and follow a recipe. Find out the difference of measuring liquids and solids. For extra, find out what it means to put a "pinch" of salt OR measure any other ingredient in a recipe.

3. Bake up some treats with butterbeer. Examples: Yummy cookies, candies, cupcakes, cake, tarts, fudge, and more.

4. Celebrate a birthday or another celebration and bake a treat for the celebration. Examples: Halloween, Masquerade Ball, Valentine, first day of school, Christmas, and more. For extra, you can decorate for the celebration.

5. A holiday feast or house celebration is a great way to show your baking skills for savory and sweet items. Have a potluck, wizard friendsgiving, house feast, OR attend a potluck, feast with friends, or family gathering. Some ideas for baked goods are: bread pudding, cheesy potatoes, pies, tarts, and cakes.

6. Bake up some themed treats that you could sell on the trolley or sweet shop. Examples: Pumpkin pies, Muffins, decorated cookies, fudge, and gingerbread treats.

7. Learn how to use a cake decorating bag with a tip. You can try it out on cupcakes, cookies, and many other baked goods. (cake decorating bag and tip included in baking kit)

8. Use a cookie dough or make cookie dough that you can roll out and use a cookie cutter. Create the cookies using a cookie cutter and bake in the oven. Decorate with sprinkles or frosting.

9. Many sweet shops specialize in hand dipped sweets. They dip fruits, marshmallows, pretzels, nuts, cookies, pound cakes, peanut butter balls, and much more. Choose an item to dip, try a dipped item, OR learn more about dipping sweets.

10. Creating sweet treats including some naturally sweet fruits is sometimes healthy and always fun. Create a fruity sweet treat OR try a fruity treats. Examples include: Banana nut bread, baked apples, fruit tarts, baked cereal mix, or apple pie.

11. Sweet treats are created all over the world. Try a new recipe from another wizard school located in another country OR attend an event to taste test some treats.

12. It is fun to create sweet treats or bake goods and give them to others. Find a place to donate items and create sweet treats to donate. Make sure to check dietary restrictions.

13. Some of the favorite treats of the wizarding world is chocolate. Create something with chocolate in it. Examples: brownies, fudge, cake, chocolate chip cookies, pies, melted chocolate for dipping cookies, etc.

14. Learn how to read a recipe card. For extra, write down a recipe from another wizard friend or cookbook to use later.

15. Make a wizard creation of your choice. Be creative and use themed cookie cutters, piping bags, sprinkles or any other decorative items to match the theme.

16. During the holiday season, everyone makes or enjoys special treats to celebrate. Enjoy some butterbeer, holiday punch, Christmas cookies, chocolate frogs, peppermints, cupcakes, and more OR attend a cookie exchange or holiday party with treats.

17. Many items today in the wizarding world can be baked from a prepared box of ingredients. Bake something from a box by following the instructions given. Examples: brownies, cookies, cakes, scalloped potatoes, stuffing and more.

18. Visit a bakery, caterer or talk to a chef and see what it takes to have a career in the cake decorating, culinary, or sweet creations OR attend a cake decorating, baking or instructional class.

19. Create a recipe book by gathering wizarding recipes from friends and family. What was your favorite recipe you received, used, or wrote down?

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