Wizarding World of Patronus and Pets

  • $2.00

Kit Includes

  • Wizarding World Patronus and Pets
  • Wizarding World Patronus and Pets BOOKLET
  • Snowy Owl Full Color Information Card
  • Snowy Owl Patch 
  • $1.00 Donation to adopt a snowy owl
  • Pet theme eraser
  • Pet theme pencil
  • Pet theme stencil
  • Patronus card (full color)
  • Magical Pet ID card (full color)
  • Cat bracelet kit

YOU CAN ALSO EARN the animals triangle, circle, or rectangle patch. (requirements are covered in the kit) OR complete them on your own.  Requirements listed here

Requirements for the Wizarding World of Patronus and Pets

1. Take a quiz or play a game to learn what your patronus animal charm will be.  What is your animal?

2.  Patronus is latin for protector.  Call on your animal charm and stand up against bullying.  You can wear your favorite mis-match socks for anti-bullying day, sign an anti- bully pledge. make posters,  or participate in any anti-bullying event or activity.

3.  You are off to the wizarding school and you need to choose your pet.   What pet would you choose? What will you name it?  Does it have a special power? Examples of pets: cat, owl, dog, mouse, pygmy puff, hamster, snail with coloring changing shell and much more.

4. Purchase animal treats or food for animals.  You can donate them to shelters, make a basket or bag of treats for your neighbors or friends pets, donate to seeing eye doctor centers, hospitals, and any other animal care facility. (contact the facility before you bring the treats in case they have specific guidelines)

5.  Wizarding help to the community is always needed. Use a little magic and complete a community service project for any animal. Suggestions:  Make cat toys, blankets for animal shelters, bathe or walk your neighbors dog, groom horses, feed your friends fish or clean the bowl with them, clean horse stalls, hamster or bird cages, make a bird feeder and hang it in your yard or donate it, donate towels and animal shampoos, collect leashes, collars, and bowls for shelters.

6. Use your wizarding artistic skills and create a drawing of your pet or patronus. For extra, color it.

8.  The snowy owl is an endangered animal. Learn more about the owl or any other pet or patronus endangered animal.  What does it look like? Where does it live? Is it a large or small animal? Is your pet or patronus endangered? Examples of patronus or pet species that are endangered:  otter, rhino, lynx, arctic or red fox, hummingbird, polar bear, dolphin, honey badger, eagle, orca whale, elephant, hedgehog, leopard, orangutan, peacock, seal, shark, tiger, arctic or red wolf. (If you purchased the kit a $1.00 was donated to assist the snowy owl.)

9.  Learn more about the different patronus animals.  Find one that lives in or near the water, has fur,  has wings, has feathers, and has hoofs OR find 3 different animals that could also be pets.  For extra, you can draw them. (activity sheet to complete in kit)

10. The streeler is a pet snail that can change it shell color and camouflage into a background color.  Learn about any other animal and how they camouflage and what color OR draw a picture or complete a craft of the pet snail. 

11.  Create a food that with a wizarding animal theme. Examples: Snowy owl cupcakes (marshmallow on top with eyes with black frosting; dog bone shaped cookies, cat shaped cake, (rein)deer cupcakes, unicorn themed cupcake or unicorn food candy mix,  forbidden forest themed munch mix with goldfish, pretzel mini sticks, mushroom caps (small colored chocolate candies), popcorn and more. (recipes are available in booklet of kit)

12. Play an animal themed game. Examples:  Animal bingo, board games like barrels of monkeys, mouse trap, elephant fun, shark bites, create your own animal guessing cards, matching cards with animals, charades, hot potato with a stuffed animal, etc.

13.  Create a craft that represents a wizarding pet or patronus.  Examples:  owl or shark puppet, pom pom pet, sock puppet, animal foam shape kit, paper plate lion, peacock with paper plate and coffee filters  You can use items around the house and your imagination to create something. (paper towel card board, paper plates, cup cake liners, etc.)

14.  Learn a spell or potion that is related to animals.  You can create your own or use one from the booklet. Which spell or potion did you choose and what did it do?


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