Presidents Award Pin-complete community service

  • $3.00

Requirements for earning the President's Award Pin (These official pins are earned by doing community service.) 
I only have a few as they were in a bundle of patches and pins purchased. They do not have a date on them so they can replace one you lost etc.

Age group Bronze level # of hours needed Silver level # of hours needed
kids age (5-10) 26-49 hours 50-74 hours
Teens (11-15) 50-74 hours 75-99 hours
Young Adults (16-25) 100-174 hours 175-249 hours
Adults (26+) 100-249 hours 250-499 hours

The age category is determined by the age the person was for at least 7 months within the 12-month calendar year.  For example, if the person was 16 for 7 months within the year in question, that person would qualify within the 16-25 age group

 If you choose postage stamp when you check out, please note I am not responsible for any damage the pin may receive in the mail to you.  (tracking is in a padded envelope)

Click here for Ideas for community service and earn a patch as well.


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