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Pampering Requirements

All ages complete 3

  1. Smell different lotions and find out which one you like the best. Learn how to massage it into your legs, arms, hands, and feet. Try a thicker moisturizing lotion for drier areas.
  2. Pamper someone else! Create a basket for someone else that will make them feel special or show them someone cares. This could be for the homeless shelter, women’s shelter or people in the hospital. Be sure to include a nice card.
  3. Make your own smoothie, hot chocolate, or tea blend to help you relax. Be creative. Add your own spices, sweets, or additions to it to make it your own.
  4. Try to unwind after school. Lie on the floor and do some stretches or relaxing yoga poses.
  5. Take the time to do something that you like to do, like read a book, go on a walk, or watch your favorite TV show. Treat yourself!
  6. Have a chocolate tasting party. You could buy a variety pack of chocolates and try them all out blindfolded. You could also have a chocolate fondue or fountain to dip cake, fruit, or pretzels in.
  7. Have a fun day out with family or friends to spend time with them. You could have a picnic, roller skating day, a mall trip, or go to the movies.
  8. Go to an event that lets you have fun and relax with other Girl Scouts. Make new friends and have a great time!
  9. Try your hand at new massaging techniques to work out your stressed areas. Start with the palm of your hand and knead out the areas. Consult a booklet or website for information. For extra, try them on a friend or family member.

  10. Learn a few yoga moves to help you relax. For extra, go to a yoga class or watch an instructional video.
  11. 11. Create a notebook or journal to write all of your thoughts in so can release your stress. Decorate it with glitter, permanent markers, or ribbons. Keep in a safe place and write when you feel stressed.
  12. Clean or organize your room or another area to make it free to be in. For extra, make an item for your room to re-do it. Some examples are: pencil holder, scrunchie holder, or hang up a photo.
  13. Make a pillow or friendship bracelet or decorate a tote bag or t-shirt to show your creativity. For extra, make an item to give away as well.
  14. Make a sachel of sweet smelling herbs to keep in your dresser or to carry around when you’re feeling low.

What you need:

6X6  piece of cloth  (calico or muslin)

(12 inch) piece of ribbon

Pre-packaged potpourri or herbs (cinnamon sticks, rosemary, etc.)


Take the piece of cloth and lay it flat.  Place a handful of potpourri in the center, crumble the potpourri with your hands to make smaller pieces.


Carefully fold up each of the four corners of the cloth, hold them together to form a small bag. 


Tie a piece of ribbon around the top of the cloth to close up the bag.  Make sure there are no gaps in the sachet. Finish with a double knot and bow.  Store in your drawer or closet to keep your clothes smelling fresh.


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