Soul music Patch or Kit

  • $0.99

Patch Kit includes: 

  • Soul themed patch 
  • Hair tie
  • pencil
  • Soul themed sticker
  • Pom Pom beaded bracelet kit
  • Design your own pizza activity sheet
  • World Search


1. Watch a musical or colorful themed movie. 

2. Listen or dance to music from your favorite artist. Why do you like the song?

3. There are different genres of music. Listen to two or more different types. 

4. Listen a song from another country or watch a video with subtitles so you can understand the language. 

5. Participate in a singing event or sing a song with a friend.  

6. Create a themed craft or accessory. (craft available in kit)

7. Fun food creations or decorated cupcakes are always an exciting to create. Create or serve items to match the theme of the patch. Decorate cupcakes or cookies with colorful frosting; music note cookies, sparkle punch, or make pizza.

8. Play a musical or themed game. 

9. Be a friend to others. Make someone feel special by spending time with them.

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