Wizarding World of DARK ARTS PATCH AND KIT

  • $5.99

Kit for 1 Includes: 

  • Wizarding World of Dark Arts patch (laser cut)
  • Wizarding World of Dark Arts booklet
  • DADA Specialist full color ID Card
  • Black notebook (to write spells, journal etc.)
  • Gel pen with spider attached to cap
  • Wizard charm with pin
  • Bellawitch foam craft kit
  • 2 mini wizard theme stickers

    ORDER HORSES triangle, circle, rectangle and earn it by completing the wizard booklet.

    Choose 1 requirement from the patch program.

    Learn more about spells and potions for defense against the dark arts, magical creatures, wanted posters, crafts, games, recipes, and themed activities.

    LASER CUT. Complete one requirement to earn the patch.

    1. Learn a spell or charm helps you defend yourself against the dark arts. Examples: Smoke screen, disarming, disappearing, stretching, tracking, etc. For extra, practice dueling with a partner.

    2. What is the name of the prison that holds all the wizards that are criminals? Create a wanted poster for a wizard on the loose OR take a photo with a poster OR pretend you are wanted and create a poster all about you.

    3. Create a potion for defense of the dark arts or an antidote encase you may need it. Examples: Truth serum, confusing draught, shrinking, endurance, OR sleeping potion etc.

    4. Thestrals are described as horses with dragon wings. They are found in the dark environments and the forest. They can fly long distances. Once they are trained the will carry people in carriages. Create a craft, drawing, game, or activity that has a thestral theme or learn more about magical horse creatures. Activity in booklet

    5. Learn more about your protective animal. What is the spell you use to conquer it? What is your animal? Examples: rabbit, otter, deer, terrier,or swan.

    6. Did you know if you touched a cursed poetry book it will make you speak in rhymes? Choose one cursed or protective item in the wizard world to learn more about. What does it do or look like? Examples: Cursed jewelry or books; cup, necklace, crown, watch, and much more. For extra, create a potion or spell to remove the curse.

    7. Go on a scavenger hunt, play a game, solve a mystery, watch a movie, read a book, roam through a haunted house, or complete an escape game with a Halloween or spooky theme. Scavenger Hunt List is located in the Dark Arts Booklet

    8. Create or enjoy food representing a dark art, wizard, or Halloween theme. Examples include: cupcakes with a spider design on top, ghost shaped cookies, magic wands, (chocolate dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles), potion punch, pumpkin tarts, ghoulish popcorn mix (popcorn, candy corn, pretzels, mini marshmallows, etc.) or ghostly wrapped hot dogs.

    9. Listen to a spooky tale, roam through a maze, attend a wizard event, go to a masquerade ball or costume party, adventure in a forest, visit a town or place with a wizard theme or complete any other activity that has wizard or dark art theme.

    10. Create a craft that represents the theme of the patch. Examples: pom and pipe cleaner spider, spell book, decorate a wand, potion labels, jewelry, pixies, and much more.

    11. Wands up! Your patronus is your protector--but you can be a protector to others and stand up against bullying. Participate in a program or activity that promotes anti-bullying. Examples: Wear mis-match socks to stop bullying, make posters, or participate in a program as school.

    12. Learn more about a dark creature. What does it look like? Where does it live? Is it harmful? Examples: troll, gnome, spider, yeti, manticore, imp, ghoul, kelpie, erkling, and more. Creatures and descriptions are located in the Dark Art booklet.

    13. Have a taste test of different ingredients found in potions or in the wizard world. Blindfold he participants and place the items in small cups for them to taste. Let it touch their lips first to show the texture and size. Tell them the name of the item. It will make them think it is going to taste bad--but they may be surprised! Examples: Unicorn cloud, cotton candy; troll toe nails, curled Fritos™ look like nails; slimy worms, wet spaghetti noodles; frog eyes, jello; or spider legs, chow mein noodles.

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