Wizarding World of Jokes and Games PATCH AND KIT

  • $5.99

Kit for 1 Includes:

  • Wizarding World of Jokes and Games patch
  • Wizarding World of Jokes and Games booklet
  • Magical Gamer full color ID Card (for completion of program)
  • Decorate your own box for treats etc (2 inch with a ribbon)
  • W color sticker to fit on the front of your box or anywhere
  • FULL COLOR Gameboard professionally printed and laminated
  • Gameboard Rules printed on the back of gameboard
  • 3 game tokens and 1 dice
  • Unscramble words puzzle, word search, decoding puzzle,Which game are you? quiz, daily wizard paper puzzle, house points game on paper, invention idea page, Are you joking crossword puzzle, recipes, card games (and MORE--in booklet)

    ORDER GAMES AND SONGS triangle, circle, rectangle and earn it by completing the wizard booklet.

    FULL COLOR Gameboard professionally printed and laminated CAN BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY

    Choose 1 requirement from the patch program.

    Practice your puzzle and game skills. Learn more about the joke and invention items in the wizarding world. Create your own invention.

    1. Use the creative part of your mind and draw out an invention to assist you in daily life or in the wizarding world. You can add colorful patterns or designs to your invention. Give it a name.  Examples:  self-writing quill, fast sneakers, desk that organizes itself, color changing shirt, OR memory cards that takes notes in class.

    2. Play a game from the wizarding world or played in England. Examples: Chess, sixpenny madell, Play the House Points game. (capture squares of territory on paper) (dot to dot game), OR Joke Shop crossword.

    3. Complete a puzzle OR a game where you need to unscramble words, find words, fill in words or crossword puzzles.

    4. Decode a message or puzzle using ciphers, mystery codes, secret symbols, and unique codes or numbers to crack the code OR play a mystery or escape game.

    5. Play a game that is one of your favorites with your friends and family.

    6. The Daily wizard paper has a weekly symbol game. Create a joke or wizard symbol to go in the paper OR try to find the symbols in wizard paper. (example located in booklet)

    7. Play the wizarding world game included in the kit. Who won? OR make a game of your own. What is the name of your game? Explain the rules and how many players you need to play.

    8. Create an invention that is joke toy, candy, or item. Examples: Canary candy makes you tweet, tea cups that leak, telescopes that box, hats that fly away, hand buzzers,  etc.

    9. Tell someone a joke or make up a story that has a funny ending. Examples: How do you fix a broken pumpkin? With a pumpkin patch.   Which wizard wears the biggest hat? The one with the biggest head. 

    11.  Play a memory game using a wizardy theme. Example: I went to the School of wizards and I saw ...A-amulet, B-books, C-cloak, D-desk or disappearing ink.... take turns with each letter.  OR place a variety of things on a tray let them look at it for a minute.  Then cover it. See who can write down the most items they saw. Check for results.  

    12. The jigsaw puzzle was invented in London England by John Spilsbury. Complete a jigsaw puzzle online or from a box.

    13.  Take a piece of paper colored or plain and write a joke or note to someone.  Fold the paper like a paper airplane. Write on the wing who it is to and try to fly the memo to them.  Hopefully they will send you a memo back.

     14.  Complete a maze, charades, I spy or detective theme game, scavenger or treasure hunt with a wizard theme.

    15. List some of your favorite items or items you use on a daily basis.  How can you create an invention or make it a joke item to sell in the Joke shop?

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