Wizarding World of Music PATCH AND KIT

  • $5.99

Kit for 1 Includes: 

  • Wizarding World of Music patch (laser cut)
  • Wizarding World of Music booklet
  • Magical Musician full color ID Card
  • Hocus Croakus Foam craft kit with hanging cord (frog choir) (7 1/2" x 8 3/4")
  • 1 vinyl waterproof Music themed sticker
  • Disco Diva Dance patch

    ORDER MUSIC triangle, circle, rectangle and earn it by completing the wizard booklet.

    Choose 1 requirement from the patch program.

    Create band, dance, or choir posters, make up or sing a song, learn about musical instruments, potions, spells and animals and wizards that sing. Complete a craft of a musical frog, make themed foods and play games.

    1. Play it by ear and listen to different music genres (categories). Choose two songs to listen to from different genres. Identify the different genres you listened to. Which two did you choose? Did you like the songs or music? How were they different? Examples: Classical music, pop, country, R&B, rock, hip-hop, opera, electronic or dance music.

    2. Pull out all the stops! Applications for the choir are being accepted now in the wizard school. Create a poster to promote it, decorate a banner, join your choir, or attend a choir event.

    3. Change your tune. Use your wizarding song writing skills to create your own song or change the song lyrics or tune of a pre-existing song.

    4. That's music to my ears! Music can make you feel happy, joyful, or carefree. Listen to some wizard theme songs, sing your favorite song, learn a new song, or have a singing party with friends or family.

    5. Turn it up! A music box is a small box that plays a tune when you turn the key (knob) located on the outside. It plays music when you open it up. It can sometimes contain a ballerina or various other dancers that moves around when the music is played. In the wizard world they can be enchanted and make the listener happy, fall asleep, or mesmerize you. Try listening to a music box and see if it is enchanted or if you already have one, what type of trinkets do you store inside?

    6. Don't harp on it. It is time to cast some spells that relate to music, dancing, or a musical event. Examples: silence a singing bird, make an instrument play or stop playing, give some one dancing feet, make a person sing or stop singing, ability to make the singer sing on tune, make someone sing a holiday song, stop music, or give the ability to play an instrument.

    7. Happy Christmas! Tis the season to sing Christmas carols and holiday songs. Sing a Christmas carol at a concert, performance, school, home, or with your friends and family. Which one did you choose? For extra, place a spell on an object or person to sing a holiday song.

    8. Fit as a fiddle or suitable. Create a potion that relates to music, dancing, or musical event. Examples: Make your voice sing louder, restore your voice due to a cold, magically be able to read music and sing it on tune, ability to make someone croak like a frog, forget the words of a song, or not be able to play an instrument. potions are located in the wizard music booklet

    9. It strikes a cord. Play a musical instrument, make an instrument, or visit a museum or store that has a variety of instruments to view and try. Which one did you complete?

    10. Bring out all the bells and whistles. Attend a concert, musical event, ball, play, performance, or wizard theme activity that involves music.

    11. March to the beat of your own drum and do your own thing. Create a craft that represents music, choir, bands, singers, or musical events. Examples: Create singing wizard frog craft (located in wizard music kit); singing sock puppet; microphone; concert poster; design your own accessory or costume for the yule ball or musical event; potion containers, musical notebook or journal; musical instrument; decorate a box to hold all your wizard or musical items OR create decorations for a ball or dance.

    12. Playing second fiddle with your fellow wizards! Play games or create activities representing a musical or dance theme. Examples include: musical chairs; charades of singers, songs, or bands; dance freeze (stand like a statue when the music goes off); musical frog (pass the frog around when the music goes off, holder of the frog is out); name that tune or name that genre (let them listen to seconds of the song and guess); What is that sound? (musical instruments); music/dance bingo; OR complete the dance steps or motions to macarena, limbo, cupid shuffle, thriller, or electric slide.

    13. Hear the beat of the band. There are many wizard bands, singers, and songs. Learn about one of them and listen to it or them. Which one did you choose?

    14. Sounds delicious! Create or enjoy food representing a musical or yule ball theme. Examples include: cupcakes with white frosting and snowflake or music note sprinkles; music note cookies; magic wands, (chocolate dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles); holiday punch; chocolates shaped like a guitars, (chocolate mold); white and dark chocolate slender candy bars (cut the dark bars in half and lay them on white bars to make piano keys); krispie treats cut into musical shapes, microphone cupcakes (baked in ice cream cones and topped with silver sprinkles; and a savory snack bar with cheese cut into music notes served on crackers or star shaped sandwiches.

    15. Toot your own horn and complete a community service project that relates to music or dance. Volunteer at the ball, dance or musical performance, sings songs or play instruments to your elders, teach young wizards songs, make a play list for an event, donate dance supplies, costumes, or music books to those in need.

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