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Kit for 1 Includes: 

  • Wizarding World of Divination patch (laser cut)
  • Wizarding World of Divination booklet
  •  Diviantion Specialist full color ID Card
  • Celestial themed box craft kit  to hold your treasures
  • Celestial themed pencil
  • Celestial themed note pad
  • 1 magical Celestial themed large eraser
  • 1 fortune teller (cootie catcher) game to create and use

    ORDER TEA triangle, circle, rectangle and earn it by completing the wizard booklet.

    Choose 1 requirement from the patch program.


    Create your own goal and dream cards to use for personal daily inspiration. Learn about different types of divination including astrology, stars in the sky and personality traits; bibliomancy, randomly open a page in a book and adapt the meaning to your present time; cartomancy, make goal cards and positive thought cards; palmistry, reading lines on the palm of hands; tessomancy, reading tea leaves; and create your own paper fortune teller. Create potions, cast spells and much more. No negative predictions are welcome.

    Complete one requirement to earn this patch.

    1. Divination is a class that is taught in the wizard school to help see the future, understand the past and be present. Create a potion or spell that represents the past, future, achievements, or good happenings. Examples of spells or potions: Make someone Happy or laugh, help with studying, input a good past thought, tea pouring, lunch making, run fast, reverse a accident, breathe under water, flower growing, tracks people in the present, or a make a mirror talk.

    2. Tessomancy is an art of looking at your tea leaves in your cup. Have a tea party or sip some afternoon tea. After you drink the tea, dump the tea leaves in the bottom of your cup. Do you see any design? Try to draw it out and label the different items you see in the leaves. Example: sun, happiness is coming your way; acorn, unexpected surprise; broom, you are going on a journey; key; solving a problem; horseshoe; good luck, etc.Activity sheet located in the Divination booklet

    3. Crystal-gazing is when someone believes if you look deep into a crystal ball you can see the future. Make a paper fortune teller to play with others; use a magic 8 ball or other game piece that represents a crystal ball; pretend you are using a crystal ball and predict something bright for another; draw a picture of a crystal ball and a lucky image in the center; create your own future and set a goal and achieve it; OR make your own crystal ball with a glass jar and decorations.

    4. Bibliomancy is when you randomly open your wizard book to page, place your finger on the page and read that paragraph. Use the information of what you read and adapt it's meaning to the present time. Gather your books, choose one and open it to a page. If you want to read the entire page you can. What do you think it means? For example: They ran down the stairs and into the great hall to see a feast of food laying on the table. (this could mean that you are going to go somewhere special with friends or family and there will be food OR a special holiday celebration is coming up.)

    4. Cartomancy was the art of reading cards to learn about future events. Design your own special kind of cards designed to add in goals, dreams, and achievements, to use for personal daily inspiration. Examples: You can do it; dreams can come true; you will meet someone new; and achievements are within your reach.

    5.Catoptromancyis when someone believes if you look into a mirror you can see the future. Write down three reasonable goals you will complete in your future. Look in a mirror and tell yourself you can complete it. For extra, decorate a mirror or create a notebook of goals. Examples of goals: I have worked really hard studying and I will pass my math test next week; I will try out for the spelling bee; and I will recycle more.

    6. Dream interpretationis was one of the oldest forms of divination. It is analyzing the meaning of dreams. Have a notebook by your bedside table and write down your dreams the next morning. Do this for 5 days. Do you have the same dream more than once? Did they relate to your present or past?

    7. Astrology was created to use a person's birthday to learn more about their personality. A star map is used to find the constellations that represent your sign. Find out what sign you are. Learn about the traits under that sign. Is some of the information you discovered similar to your personality? For extra, find out what the constellation looks like. Examples of the different signs: Aquarius, pisces, aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarus, and capricorn.

    8. Create a craft that represents the magic world or character. Examples: Wizard hats, wands, design your own teacup at a pottery shop, make tea party invites or place cards, wizard theme bracelet, decorate a hand mirror, potion book, gingerbread castle, potion containers, flower wreath or a decorative box to hold all your wizard items.

    9. Create or enjoy food representing a this patch theme. Examples include: cupcakes with a constellation or stars on top, crystal ball or hand shaped cookies, magic wands, (chocolate dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles), color changing punch, cotton candy (dream cloud), star shaped treats, scones, or tea sandwiches.

    10. Try one activity relating to any level of divination different than already mentioned. Examples include: Xylomancy, viewing twigs according to shape and color; Phyllomancy, using leaves; Fortune Sticks, drop colorful sticks and see how they land; OR Numerology, using numbers.

    11. Play games or create activities representing a magical theme. Examples include: Wizard hat pass, similar to hot potato; charades; pick-up sticks, number card games, tea leaf matching cards, memory match card game, mazes, word searches or magical puzzles.

    12. Palmistry is when you look at someone's palm to talk about the qualities they have as a person and future accomplishments or activities. Pair up with a family member or friend. Each person takes a piece of paper and traces their hand on it. Write on the paper your skills, hobbies, achievements and talents. Switch papers. Using their traits of character, knowledge of hobbies and talents to make a positive prediction on a future activity, career, or accomplishment they may achieve. This promotes finding and growing your talents, developing self-confidence, and encouragement to achieve goals. What achievements, talents, careers do you see in your future?


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