Creative Arts (Council Own)

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Choose 3 requirements to earn all levels

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 Creative Arts 

1.  Start Your Own Scrapbook.  Gather supplies to create your own scrapbook.  You can find these supplies at local craft stores or a premade kit.  Learn how to crop your photos and display them on paper in your book.  You can also add stickers and other artistic designs to your book.  Be sure to journal any information that you think would be fun to remember.

2. Learn more about pottery by creating your own piece.  You can create something by hand using clay or visit a pottery place to paint and design your own piece.

3.  Stain glass art is using colored glass to create decorated objects that light passes through.  Simply getting the name "stained" glass".  Use a kit already prepared (plastic ornaments pre-outlined), attend a class OR Use a glass picture frame and create your own stained glass art. Example:  Choose a simple picture you drew or coloring page to trace on glass with a black sharpie or glass paint.  Remove the glass from the picture frame and outline the picture. Fill in the areas with glass paint color. Place in the frame and display it in your window.  

4. Use paper to create a piece of art.  Examples: paper doll, origami, envelopes, construction paper art, paper piecing, pinwheels, magazine collages, cards, flowers, gift tags, mini books, and valentines.

5.  Make or decorate a piece of jewelry or accessory. Examples:  Beaded bracelet or necklace, hair flower, decorate a hat or flip flops, fleece knotted scarf, jean bag, headbands, friendship bracelet, and more.

6.  Mosaic is a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of materials, such as stone, tile, glass, paper, or tissue paper to create a unique design. Make a mosaic design using tissue squares, colored paper or small tiles.  You can also draw a simple item like a vase and cut colorful squares of paper to cover the vase.

7.  Make an item out of yarn or string.  Example: God's eye, pom pom, crocheted item, bracelet, tassels, garland, string art, dream catcher, loom weaving, yarn doll, koozie, etc.

8.  Make or decorate an item using fabric.  You can sew with the fabric or use it an artistic way like cutting out pieces and placing them on jeans, purses or banners.  Examples of projects: Tye-dye shirt, felt animals, stuffed animals, sock puppet, scrunchie, decorated totebag, fleece knotted blanket, reusable bag, purse, or pillow, 

9.  Make an artistic item that represents a different culture. Weave a paper placemat, jewelry, fashion accessory, scarf, and more.  You may have already completed this for Thinking Day.

10.  Choose an art medium of your choice and create an artistic item. An artistic medium refers to the material used to create a work of art.  Examples of art mediums: Colored pencils, markers, watercolors, acrylic paint, pastels, chalk, etc.

11. Sketch and draw something. For extra, create your own sketch pad or  notebook of drawings.  You can sketch, add photos, and lots of other items in it to to inspire your drawings.

12. Learn more about architecture art by constructing or designing a building or structure. Example: Design a castle, home, or draw out a floor plan that shows all the rooms in the building OR be creative using 3-D materials like cardboard, Styrofoam, construction paper and more constructing something.  

13. Make an artistic creative item for someone else.  Examples: cards, picture, scrapbook, pet toy,  blanket, pillow, tye-dye a shirt, tote bag or shoe laces. 

14.  Learn a new artistic skill. Experiment with something creative you’ve never done before. Examples:  Photography, ceramics, weaving, crocheting, knitting, painting, fashion design, or sewing.

15.  Learn more about graphic art and create an item using the computer. Examples: cards, flyers, patches, or any other artistic computer item.

16. Learn more about the color wheel. What are primary colors?  Create a drawing or color a picture using at least one primary color.

17. Doodling is when you use your pencil or pen and draw abstract little designs.  Anything that comes to your mind.  It can be relaxing and set your mind in an artistic mode. Draw three little things on a piece of paper. 

18.  Creative lettering is when you use letters in an artistic way.  Write your name and add an artistic flair to it.  Examples: Add flowers or stars, bubble letters, swirl letters, or block letters with images inside the letter.  For extra, you can color it or draw it on the front of a sketch book or notebook.

19.   Learn more about an artist or artistic style.  What did they create? Do you like their style? Color or draw something in their style.

20.  Visit or participate in an artistic event.  Examples:  Attend a museum, create cards for soldiers, view an art gallery online or in a book, attend a workshop or a school subject about art,, troop meeting about art, OR event that you use your artistic skills.  What did you see, learn, or create?



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