Doing Hobbies (Junior Badge)

Doing Hobbies (Junior Badge)

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I. Handmade
Especially forYou
Use your hobby to make a gift for
someone. If you sing, you can sing
that person a song. If you read, you
can read a story to that person.
2. The Right Fit
Ask yourself these questions about
your hobby and discuss the
answers with an adult family
member or other adult.
• Is it fun?
• Can I afford it?
• Do I have space for it?
• Where will I do it?
• Can I do it alone or with others?
• Do I have time for it?
• Are there safety or
environmental factors to
3. Learning a "Doing" Hobby
Practice your hobby.
Demonstrate or try to teach
your hobby to others.
4. Hobbies in the Past
Learn something about the history
of your hobby and about others
who share your hobby.

5. Your Hobby:
A Possible Career
Sometimes the skills you learn from
your hobby are skills you will use in
a future career. Find out about three
kinds of careers that are related to
your hobby. How are they different?
How are they the same? Can you
see yourself in one of them?
6. Do Your Hobby with Others
Participate in an activity with other
people who also share your hobby.
For example, sing with a musical
group, hike with your troop/group
members, play an instrument in a
band, join a bird-watching club, or
go to a garden or flower exhibit.
7. What in the World Are You "Doing"?
What do people do as a hobby in
other countries? Choose a country
other than the U.S. and find out
about a hobby that's popular there.
You can use the Internet or your
local library to get information.
Or ask someone who has lived in
or traveled to that country to tell
you what she/he knows about
hobbies in that area. If possible,
try the hobby yourself.

8. Give Back
Sometimes your hobby will allow
you to do something for your
community or the environment.
For example, if your hobby is
gardening, volunteer to help plant
flowers at your local park. If you
like to read, read out loud to a
senior citizen who has trouble
reading the small print of the
newspaper. Find a way to "give
back" to your community through
your hobby.
9. Hobby Together
Find out about organizations and
clubs that promote your hobby.
If you have a hobby, there is
probably a club for it. For example,
there are clubs for sports (with
members from beginners to
experts), reading, knitting, and
10. Find a New One
Many activities in your Junior Girl
Scout Handbook would make great
hobbies. Find an activity that
interests you and find out more
about it as a potential hobby.

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