Marine Life (Dolphin)

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 All ages complete 3 requirements

  1. Learn about another country’s marine life. What makes them unique? Do we have the same or similar marine life here? What do you like about them? For extra, color or draw a picture of them.
  1. Learn about where marine life animals live. What surrounds the animals? Where do they live?
  2. Learn about food and predators of marine life. What is a food chain? Choose two marine life animals and find out what they eat?
  3. Some animals can hide and blend in with their surroundings. This is called “camouflage”. What animals can camouflage? How does this help them? Examples: Starfish, clown fish or seahorses.
  4. Make a craft that represents marine animals or their surroundings. Examples include: dolphin bookmark, ocean in a bottle, or a seashell art. For extra, you can paint or draw an animal.
  5. Read a book or watch a movie with marine life in it. What did you like most about it?
  6. Learn about careers in marine life. What do they do for their job? Examples are: marine biologist, scuba diver, or an oceanographer.
  7. Go to the aquarium and look at all different animals and their surroundings. For extra, complete a scavenger hunt.
  8. Walk along a beach, lake, or stream and look for animals or seashells. What do you see?
  9. Demonstrate community service by helping a marine life animal. Learn more about WWF (World Wildlife Fund or other organizations that assist animals ). For extra, adopt a marine animal.
  10. Go to a marine life themed event or a show at an aquarium or theme park. An example is Breakfast with the Dolphins or whale watch tour.
  11. Play a game that has a marine life theme. Examples are: charades, match up cards, or a marine-based board or card game (Go Fish!).
  12. Be creative and make a recipe that has to do with marine life and enjoy with your troop. It can be as simple as blue gelatin, with gummy fish, topped with whipped cream to represent the ocean or fish shaped cookies.


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