Embrace the Panda / Becoming Red Panda

  • $1.55

Patch: (2.50 inch, 85% embroidered)
Patch  Requirements

Items in the kit:

  • Becoming Red Panda patch
  • Smarties Candy
  • Floss to create a bracelet or a friendship bracelet (colors vary)
  • Instructions on creating a braided bracelet
  • Elastic hair tie (colors vary)
  • Official sticker (images vary) 

1. Watch a movie with this theme.

2. Read a book with this theme.

3. Create a button, sticker, or drawing that represents the theme.

4. Find out more about red pandas. What do they eat, where do they live, why are they endangered, coloring, etc. For extra, color a picture or draw a red panda.
WWF Red Panda

5. Create a Chinese themed craft or accessory.

6. Fun food creations or decorated cakes are always an exciting to create. Create or serve fun food to feel the theme of the book or event.

7. Learn more about historical stories, Lunar New Year, or the timeline of China.

8. Learn a calming technique to use when you become upset. What works for you?

9. A good friendship is someone that makes you feel good about yourself and accepts you for who you are. Complete a fun activity with a friend.

10. Assist in helping around the house or complete activities with your family. What is your favorite activity? Example: playing cards, games, helping cook dinner, setting the table, or movie night.

11. Choose something  you would like to save your money for.  Depending on your goal, you could ask your parents if you could complete more chores around the house for extra money.. Sometimes neighbors need assistance walking dogs, weeding yards or raking leaves. How much did you save?  What did you use it on? ((fun worksheet to complete in the kit)




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