First Aid (Junior Badge)

First Aid (Junior Badge)

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1.Read the sections on first aid and
emergency telephone calls in the
"How to Stay Safe" chapter of your
Junior Girl Scout Handbook.
Complete the activities in those

2. Learn and practice first aid for
cuts, sprains, and fractures. Ask a
medical professional-nurse,
doctor, emergency medical
technician (EMT)-to show you and
your troop the right way to treat
these injuries. Or ask your family
and friends to learn with you.

3.How would you treat a nosebleed?
What would you do if a friend
became faint? Ask a medical
professional-nurse, doctor,
EMT-to show you and your
troop the right ways to treat these
conditions. Or ask your family
members and friends to learn
these treatments with you.

4. Do you know how to get help
quickly in your community? Should
you dial 911, or some other
emergency number? What
information would the operator
need to know? Read that section in
your Junior Girl Scout Handbook
and practice placing an
emergency call. However, do not
actually dial the emergency

5. What can you do while you're
waiting for help to come? Learn the
first aid procedures for a child or
adult who: stopped breathing, is
breathing heavily, is in shock, has
been poisoned, or is choking. Ask
a medical professional to show you
what to do.

6. Create a four-page first aid and
safety book (it could be a coloring
book or an activity book) to help
educate younger children about
basic safety concepts. Important
topics to include are emergency
telephone numbers, first aid
procedures, and warning signs in
an emergency. You can use slogans
to get your message across. For
example, you might promote the
American Red Cross slogan,
"Check, Call, Care," or create your
own slogan.

7. First aid skills are important in
many different careers. Identify the
types of emergencies each of these
professionals might encounter on
their jobs: camp director, police
officer, firefighter,, teacher,
lifeguard, and emergency medical
technician. What special first aid
training do their jobs require?

8.Make a list of all the items included
in a basic first aid kit. Use this list to
create a kit for your troop, group,
or for your family. How would a first
aid kit for a home differ from a first
aid kit for camping?

9 Surrivor
With a group of friends, list the top
five survival tips you need for very
hot or cold weather. Learn about
hypothermia and hyperthermia
and how to treat each. What can
happen if you aren't prepared?
How do you treat those conditions?
Use your tips to role-play how you
would survive outdoors in extreme

10. In a group, ask each person to
come up with one or more first aid
situations. Write them on pieces of
paper and place them in a bag or a
box. Select a piece of paper and
use a first aid kit to demonstrate
how to handle the situation. You
could create a relay game in which
teams take turns acting out the
situations that are picked by the
team members

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