Fun in the Sun (troops own)

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Slides to complete the badges are HERE

Fun in the Sun Requirements

(Have fun at pools, beaches, and other safe areas of water)

BR - complete 2, JR & CSA - complete 3 (one requirement must be from #1-9)

1. Find out when the sun is the hottest during the day.  You should avoid those hours outside or at the beach.  Make sure you wear protective clothing when you are in the sun.

2.  Visit a beach or water area and complete an activity. Examples:  Float on water, play in the water, make a sand castle,  slide down slides, etc.

3. Don't overexert yourself while you are in the sun. It is easy to get dehydrated and loose fluids. What other rules should you follow while you are in the sun?

4.  Learn how to apply sunscreen properly and often to apply it.  What SPF is best? Is it water proof?

5.   Follow water safety rules. Are there some posted at the water area? Always follow the lifeguard rules. Never swim alone. Only swim in designated areas.  

6. When you are not in the water, make sure you are protected from the sun. Use sunscreen, sunglasses, cover ups, and protective materials such as a beach umbrella, to protect you from the sun while you are reading, hydrating, or relaxing.

7.  Play a game in the sun or at a water area. Follow safety rules.

8.  Create a packing list and pack for a fun in the sun activity. What items did you need to pack?  Don't forget items that shield you from the sun such as a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and change of clothes.

9.  Pack a lunch or picnic to take on your adventure in the sun.  Make sure you bring plenty fluids to drink while you are out in the sun.

10.  Create an artistic project or photo book of your adventures in the sun.

11. Watch a movie or TV show themed to the beach, sun, or water fun.

12. Create a craft using sand, seashells, or water.

13. Learn about sand or water creatures, such as crabs, dolphins, or mermaids.

14. Create a recipe that you can enjoy at the beach or that incorporates a beachy theme.

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