Get a Clue Kit - Juniors earn DETECTIVE badge (2 options)

  • $6.99

Help solve the mysteries of the FAKE FISH and TAINTED TRUCK.
Included in the kit: 

  • Get a Clue Mini Patch (1.5 inch) 
  • Fake Fish Bar
  • Tainted Truck Bar
  • Invisible Ink Detective Kit (Write an invisible message with pen and reveal the message with the light on the end of the pen) battery included
  • Optical Illusion Notebook  

FREE ACTIVITY SHEETS (to earn bars & strengthen your detective skills!):

  • Fake Fish Mystery - complete with a 2 page story, evidence images and fingerprint comparison 
  • Tainted Truck Mystery - complete with a 1 page full story, evidence images, cipher, and handwriting comparison

The below FREE Activities to complete the Detective badge [badge not included]

  1. Observing a room’s differences
  2. Secret message with Morse Code
  3. Fingerprinting 
  4. Handwriting Detective Work 
  5. Checking a Crime Scene

2nd Option for Detective Kit (add a little spooky to the theme)

The kit is the same, but has DIFFERENT mysteries! 

  • Lost Loot Mystery - complete with a 2 page story, evidence images and a pirate map to follow and find where the lost loot is
  • Poisoned Sushi Mystery - complete with a 2 page full story, evidence images, Menu of sushi, and word comparison to determine the poison


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