Girl Scouting Around the World (Junior Badge)

Girl Scouting Around the World (Junior Badge)

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COMPLETE 6 ( the following requirements 1, 5. 6. 7. 9 and 10 (and #3 if you made  display board for thinking day)  are completed with the Thinking Day packet we offered and answering the questions below)

 1 Thinking Day
Thinking Day falls on February 22 each year. Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Boy Scouting, and his wife, Lady Olave Baden-Powell had the same birthdays on that day, so February 22 was chosen as a time for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides to celebrate international friendship and world peace. Plan a way to celebrate Thinking Day that recognizes your Girl Scout connection to girls around the world.  If you completed our thinking day kit or celebrated thinking day you completed this requirement.

2.  Check out the WAGGGS Web site to find out about the different countries that are members of WAGGGS, and the
projects that are being sponsored by that organization. Share what
you learned with your troop, group, or other girls.

3.  Create a display that shows how Girl Scouts are part of a world
sisterhood. Exhibit your display for Girl Scout troops or groups, your
Girl Scout council, your school, or a  local library.

4.  Create a game or storybook for younger Girl Scouts that will help them understand their connection to Girl Scouts and Girl Guides
around the world. Try out your game or storybook at a neighborhood event, at camp, or at a bridging ceremony for younger Girl Scouts .

5.  Learn about information and activities regarding Girl Scouting around the world. Share what you learned with your troop, group, or other girls.  If you completed our thinking day kit or celebrated thinking day you completed this requirement.

6.  Find out about the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund. What does
this fund do?  Donations are used to support girls' international travel and participation in training and international events.
How do girls all around the world benefit from the money in the fund?  A contribution can help Scouts in many ways. Maybe it will help send older Scouts from the USA to Our Chalet World Center in Switzerland where Scouts from all over the World get together to learn more about each others culture and daily activities. 

7.  Choose a country where Guiding/Girl Scouting exists. Become an expert on that country and the activities girl members do there. Learn a game, song, craft, recipe, OR activity unique to that country and share it with others.   If you completed our thinking day kit or celebrated thinking day you completed this requirement.

8. Find out about a world problem that affects girls your age. You
could think of a problem related to the environment, hunger, poverty,
illiteracy, or another issue. Share what you have researched with
other girls and think of some ways girls in WAGGGS could help solve
this problem.

9. Learn about the lives of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell. Also find out how the Girl Guide movement came about.  In 1912, Juliette Low became interested in Scouting while visiting her friends, Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, who lived in England and who started Boy Scouting. When Juliette Low came back to America, she thought Scouting was so wonderful that she decided to start the first Girl Scout troop in her own home town of Savannah, Georgia. This she did on March 12 th , 1912, and this first little troop of eight girls was the first Girl Scout troop in the USA.

10. WAGGGS has four World Centers that any Girl Scout can visit. Find out the following about each of the four centers:Where is it? How can you get there? What types of events and activities can a visitor take part in there?

Our Cabaña, located 47 miles from Mexico City, is a beautiful retreat in historic Cuernavaca. Our Cabaña is the largest World Center. It can accommodate up to 90 guests and offers girl and adult members of WAGGGS and GSUSA five-, eight-, and nine-night sessions, including Girl Friendship sessions and Adult Adventure programs, throughout the year.

Our Chalet, located in the picturesque Swiss Alps, was the very first World Center to be built. Explore the network of trails and footpaths that lead to snow-capped peaks, crystal-clear waters, alpine forests, and wildflower meadows. Our Chalet offers high-adventure activities, leadership seminars, and much more.

Pax Lodge, located in Hampstead Village, is just 20 minutes by train from the center of London. It’s an ideal base for exploring the city's rich history and culture, offering a vibrant selection of cultural programs for youth and adults as well as leadership seminars and day activities.

Sangam, situated along the banks of the Mula River in Pune, India, is a few hours from Mumbai. Sangam, which means “coming together” in Sanskrit, engages girls in events from June to March, emphasizing cultural sharing, issues that impact girls, and the rich cultural heritage of India.

Kusafi ri World Centre 
provides a World Center experience via existing facilities in Africa. The “centre” has no fixed site; rather, location varies by event, bringing international experiences to girls and young women in different countries throughout Africa.

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