Girls of Many Lands

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Complete 3 requirements

  1. Learn about another country. What is the capital? What does their flag look like? 
  2. Learn about Girl Scouts in another country. What do they wear as a uniform over there? What do the badges and awards look like?
  3. Dress up or learn about traditional clothing from another country OR color paper dolls and learn about their traditional or folk clothing.
  4. Make a recipe from another country that children would like to make. Examples could be a drink or dessert or a simple song to sing.
  5. Pick a country. What do children do for fun? Demonstrate this by playing a traditional game or making a craft from that country.
  6. In some countries, children help their parents get water from the lake or stream in a basket on top of their head. Try balancing a basket on top of your head. For extra, you can make a game out of it.
  7. Children in other lands speak different languages than English. Try to speak another language or count to 10 in it.
  8. Go to an event where diversity from another country is involved. This can be Thinking Day, a cultural dance, or a book reading.
  9. Share your heritage with someone by demonstrating where you come from. For extra, compare it with theirs.
  10. Demonstrate community service by helping someone from another country. Help them get somewhere, help them with their homework or understanding something, or visit their house. Be a friend to a fellow child.
  11. Go to an international market and look at foods from other countries. How is it different? How is it the same?
  12. Incorporate a dance, song, game, recipe, or craft from another country in an event. For extra, you can plan or attend your own cultural event.

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