Global Awareness (Junior Badge)

Global Awareness (Junior Badge)

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I. Where in the World
Use a globe or atlas, or go online,
and find out about a city or town in a
country far away from where you
live. What are the similarities
between this place and your
community? What are the

2. The Center of Things
Choose a country you'd like to learn
about. Draw a map with your chosen
country at the map's center. Now,
add the countries that surround it.
What geographical features-for
example, a river, a forest, or a
coastline-does your country have
that its neighbors don't?What effect
do these geographical features
have on the country?

3. Show Your Colors
Make or draw the flag of another
country. What does the design
stand for? Why was the flag
designed that way?

4. International Friendships
Many cities and towns in the U.S.A.
have a "twin" or "sister" city in
another part of the world. Does
yours? Find out about activities to
promote cooperation between
cities. If there are activities like
these in your area, find out how you
can take part in them.

5. In the News
How well do neighboring countries
get along? Choose a region of the
world. Watch TV or look through
newspapers for a week and look for
any mention of your region. What
countries are in that area? How do
they get along? What challenges do
they face? What are they doing to
keep their friendships with other
countries strong?

6. Be a Diplomat
How do countries work together to
address issues that affect them all?
Find out! Pick a region of the
world. Each person picks one
country and becomes that
country's representative. Pick one
regional issue, such as the
environment, the spread of
diseases, or the use of illegal
drugs. Find out about and talk
about how this issue is affecting
your country. Can the group come
up with a course of action that
everyone can agree on?

7. Walk in Their Shoes
What would your life be like if you
lived in a different part of the
world? Choose a country. Find out
about a typical day for a girl your
age. What would be a typical
home? What foods would you eat?
What hobbies would you have?
What would your school day be
like? What cultural, religious, or
political rules or guidelines would
you follow? Are the rules different
for girls and boys?

8. Sisters
Go to the WAGGGS Web site and pick a
WAGGGS country. What are
WAGGGS girls in that country
called? What does their uniform
look like? What is their Promise
like? What types of things do
they do? Share what you've
learned with your troop or group.

9.Write On
Write a letter to an imaginary girl
in one of the countries you've
learned about. Let her know all the
things you've learned about her
country. Tell her some things about
the U.S.A. What types of things do
you two have in common?
Celebrate them in your letter!

I 0. Lead the Way
Identify a female leader from
another country. She could be a
political, religious, business, or
cultural leader. How has she
become successful? What are her

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