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All ages complete 3 requirements

1. Learn some basic warm up exercises for gymnastics or before you start any sport.

2.  View or research the proper clothing for a gymnast. What is the shortest amount of time a floor routine can be without resulting in a penalty?

3. View, learn, or try a Floor Exercise or tumbling routine.

4. View, learn, or try a balance beam routine.

5. What is Artistic Gymnastics? What equipment is used?

6. What is Rhythmic Gymnastics? What equipment is used?

7. A gymnast needs to take of her body. Create a healthy snack to eat. 

  1. Make up a short routine, dance or game using music or rhythmic moves. For extra, try to use a ribbon stick or move to music.
  2. Visit a gymnastic center or school or attend a class, workshop, or attend an event about  gymnastics.
  3. Observe, in person or on television a gymnastic event. What routine did you like the best?
  4. What do gymnast wear on their hands when they are on the uneven bars or high bars? What term is used when they land off the bars without taking a step?
  5. Complete a puzzle, game, or word search to learn gymnastic terms.


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