Her Story (Brownie Try-it)

Her Story (Brownie Try-it)

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Complete 4

1.  Read about Juliette Gordon Low in your
Brownie Girl Scout Handbook. Or check out
her story online at www.girlscouts.org/
Then try to find a woman in your
community who was a Girl Scout a long
time ago. Invite her to speak to your troop, if
possible, or interview her. Find out about her
memories of being a Girl Scout .

2.  Ask five women to tell you about what they
believe are the three most important issues
facing women today. Make sure you ask
women of different ages, from teenagers to
women over 70 years old. Include at least two
women from a race or ethnic group different
from your own. How are the answers similar
or different? Share what you learned with the
other girls in your troop or group.

3.  What are some of your favorite fables and
fairy tales? Would these stories be different if
they were written today? How would the
girls and women in the story be different?
Or would they be the same? Change a story
to show how today's girls and women would
think, feel, or act. Share your story with
others. Write it down, draw a comic strip, or
act it out.

4.  Plan a simple ceremony to honor women. You
can recite poems written by girls or women.
Or you might like to perform a skit or make
up a song about a woman in history or in your
community. If you can play an instrument,
play along to the song. Invite women who are
special to you to attend the ceremony.

5.Community Service is an important part of being a Girl
Scout.  Would you like to do a
service project that helps women and
children? Choose a service project you would
like to do, with your leader's assistance, from
the following list:
• Make baby bundles. Include supplies like
diapers, baby wipes, and bottles. Donate
them to a community agency.
• With your troop or group, make a quilt to
give to a woman and her newborn baby at a
local hospital.
• Collect toiletries like toothpaste,
toothbrushes, deodorants, shampoo, combs,
and hairbrushes and give them to a shelter
that helps homeless women.

6. Think about where you will be when you are
a grown-up. Create a time line for yourself
like the one below. Write in your time line
what you would like to do or to have happen
in your future.

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