History of Scouting

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History of Scouting (All Ages complete 3 requirements)

1.  Find out about Juliette Gordon Low.  Where was she born? When and how many siblings did she have?

2. When did Juliette Low start scouting for girls? Where and how many were in the 1st troop?

3. When was the 1st cookie made for selling by scouts? What was the flavor?  Do scouts still sell that flavor?

4. When was the 1st Thinking Day? Name one activity that is completed during thinking day.

5. Talk to a woman in your area who was in scouting when she was young.  What type of badges did she earn? Do they still have badges like that now?

6. Compare your badge book to an earlier released book. How is your book different? How is it the same?

7.  Look at some old uniforms. How are they different from your uniform? Why do you think they have changed?

8.  Find three badges that have been retired (no longer exist) Why do you think they were eliminated? Choose one requirement from a retired Girl Scout badge and complete the activity.

9.  Design your own badge that does not exist yet. List the requirements and color the design.

10.  Learn about one of the United States postage stamps that recognize Girl Scouting in the past.  What was their original value? What do they look like? Design your own postage stamp that recognizes Girl Scouting today.

11.  Create a photo book or collage of your scouting activities and fun times.

12. Sing  a song from the past. How does it compare to the songs you sing today?

!3. Complete a community service project helping others.

14.  Complete an artistic project involving scouting.

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