Hocus Pocus

  • $2.99

Items in kit:

  • patch (2.5 inch)
  • spider ring (colors and designs vary)
  • witch craft (colors of skirt vary) (Same craft as the Juliette Low Kit)
  • coloring sheet (matching theme of patch)
  • word search (matching theme of patch)

Earn the potions or wizardry triangles, circle, and rectangle for extra fun.

Choose one requirement to earn the patch. 

1. Watch A TV show, movie, or televised production that follows the Halloween theme of the patch.

2. Create your own pretend potion and state what it affect it will have on the person that drinks it. Rename your ingredients uniquely such as grape soda is purple toad juice. If the person will drink make sure you create a potion using edible items. Examples: Colored green water could be a giggling potion OR soda and ice cream could be a memory potion.

3. Create a craft that represents the patch theme. Examples: potion book, coloring sheet, hair accessory, potion containers, witch themed crafts, or Halloween themed wreaths.

4. Play a Halloween or spooky themed game. Examples: wrap your self like a mummy, Hot Potato (using a Halloween themed item) tic-tac-toe or BINGO with a Halloween theme.

5. Create a food with the Halloween or patch theme. Examples: Wizard hat cupcakes, spider cookies, mummy hot dogs, or punch with gummy worms and eye ball candy.

6. Fun food creations or decorated cupcakes are always an exciting to create. Create or serve items to match the theme of the patch. Decorate cupcakes or cookies with colorful frosting; sea animals cookies, sparkle punch, or rock candy.

7. Choose one item and learn what it was used for by witches or wizards. Such as brooms, wands, spell books, mirrors, clothing, boxes, stones, hats, and quills.

8. Dress up like a witch or wizard. For extra, go to a party, a movie event, or trick or treating.

9. Create or purchase your own wand. Try to do a spell using the wand.

10. Complete community service for Halloween. Examples: Make cards, donate candy, donate costumes, help a younger person with homework or take them trick or treating.

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