Horses / Equestrian

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Horses (complete 3 requirements to earn this patch)

1.  Learn about two pieces of equipment or tack a horse needs to be able to ride it. Where is it worn and what does it look like. Examples: bridle, saddle, lead rope, halter, etc.  

2.  What type of items do you need to groom the horse? Choose one item and view what it looks like and what it is used for.  Examples: currycomb, stiff brush, soft brush, hoof pick, dandy comb etc.

3.  Visit a stable or ranch area and view horses.  Talk to the owner of the facility and find out what kind of food they eat and how much daily.

4.  Learn safety rules about being around horses.  The first rule being how to approach a horse in a stall or if you are going to ride the horse.  Find the answer to that safety rule and another one.

5.  Learn about the correct clothing for riding a horse.  You can view pictures on line or in a store.  What other items will you need in order to ride a horse?

6.  Read a horse story in a book or on the internet  OR watch a movie with a horse it.  As long as the horse is part of the story. What was the horses name and where did it live?  Did it attend any special events or have a talent? Example: racing, jumping, best of show, or ride in parades.

7.  Attend a rodeo, horse show, or special event that has horses. You can also watch an event or  TV or the internet.  Did you notice how the horses are well groomed since they are performing? Did any of the horses win prizes?  Which horse was your favorite and what was it's name.

8. Did you know there are several different breeds of horses? Some are white, brown and others have spots.  Choose one horse to learn more about.  Color, breed, and special features.

9. Watch a demonstration of how to ride a horse.  Take a lesson or ride a horse under adult supervision.  What did you like or not like about riding the horse?

10.  If you already take riding lessons, then show an adult how you properly mount and dismount the horse, turn and stop.

11. Learn about different careers with horses. Choose one and find out some of their duties while they are working with horses.

12. Learn different parts of the horse. Choose two parts of the horse and find out what they are called. 

13.  Create an artistic expression representing horses.  You can take photos for a photo book OR draw, paint, or collage pictures of horses.

14. Invite someone to your meeting or group gathering to talk about horses.  Have them show grooming tools, equipment, and talk about riding and horse etiquette. 

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